The Sexiest Studs From Superhero Movies…Exposed!

Hey guys!  We’re still way into naked celebrities over hear at Manhunt, so I was really happy to see another hot listicle from our friends at!

It is a requirement for a superhero to be muscle-bound hunks, but here’s a look at the movie nudity from our favorite blockbuster babes. 

 Chris Hemsworth

What’s not to love about Chris Hemsworth and his Viking body in Thor? He’s sexier than sin in Thor, but he gives us bulge and bit of penis (event though it’s CGI, we still love the tease!) in Vacation.

 Hugh Jackman

Hugh is one of the few super hunks to show his ass in his movies, so let’s take a moment to enjoy Wolverine himself showing us his full moon. He’s making us howl like wolves! 

 Jason Momoa

Total beefcake Jason Momoa is best known to us as Aquaman in Justice League where he proved Aquaman can be the lead hero of our fantasies! We love his sexy, powerful role as Khal Drago in Game of Thrones when we first laid eyes on the birthmark on his ass. 

 Henry Cavill

Superman loves to flaunt his fit body in spandex, but we do get to see the Man of Steel’s heavenly ass in The Tudors. That’s one superman indeed! 

 Chris Evans

Ah, how we love Chris Evans! Captain America is likely the most skinful member of the Fantastic Four, having shown up in a towel for several scenes. He gets equally naughty in What’s Your Number? when he covers his johnson with a dishrag as he opens his door. We also love him when he’s sexy and playful in Not Another Teen Movie. After seeing Chris’ whip-creamed body, we’d love another teen movie to cream to!


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