Camp CockyBoys: Allen King And Danny Montero


Allen fucks Danny hard without any inhibitions and in full control…and both guys are completely happy with the situation. While in this mode Allen turns around and directs Danny to sit on his cock and ride him and they’re both unbound and in perfect sync. Allen drives up into Danny like a piston machine and Danny sides up and down with the same rhythm before they both lie back into horizontal cowboy and get close to the edge. Allen takes command again and bends Danny over the back of a chair to fuck him hard again and it’s the just the position to push Danny over the edge to jack off a torrent of cum. Allen pulls out and glazes Danny’s just fucked ass and they’re both spent.

Allen King And Danny Montero can stay in my cabin when I go next year (please invite me again please invite me again please invite me again)! Click here for more!

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