An Erotic Hypnotist Got Me Naked & All I Got Was This Mind-Blowing Orgasm

Neil the erotic hypnotist can make your wildest sexual fantasies come to life without actually having sex with you. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with this New York-based gentleman at Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in D.C., and within our session, he fucked me in front of a mirror until I soaked his hotel carpet with (what felt like) one of the biggest loads I’ve ever blown in my lifetime. It should be noted, however, that his dick was never inside of my ass.

But, uh, we’ll get to the logistics of that later! Prior to beginning our session, I sat down with Neil to discuss questions he frequently receives from clients, most of which I discovered, much later in our conversation, are answered directly on his website. Lucky for all of you, my embarrassing lack of research led to him revealing one of his number one inquiries!

“Is it safe? Yes, hypnosis is very, very safe, because you can’t really be made to do something that is completely against your base personality or feels dangerous.” He continued, “We start by a lot of talking. We talk for a while. I always take a lot of time to explain hypnosis. I explain it in a sort of scientific way, ’cause I’m a scientific kind of guy. I used to be a computer programmer, so that’s the way my mind works and that’s why I take the time to explain it.”

Neil the erotic hypnotist 2-2

To simplify the explanation, Neil utilizes what’s called post-hypnotic suggestions to craft your experience. You’re placed in an extraordinarily relaxing hypnotic trance and given suggestions while you’re under. Then, once you’re awake, he’ll say a certain word or do a particular thing to trigger that action, so you’re fully alert when it’s happening to you.

If that’s not making sense, here’s a quick example! While under, Neil repeatedly stated that whenever he held my wrist, my body would convulse as if I were having an orgasm. This was an action he used quite often during our session. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it so much that he used it outside of our session, causing me to have multiple faux-orgasms in the middle of a hotel lobby later that night. My body was tingling for hours afterward, as if I had just received a fantastic massage.

“When guys ask me if I’m into pain, I say I prefer to inflict pleasure,” he said to me with a devilish grin on his face, shortly after a number of these orgasmic sensations. It was a statement that made a remarkable amount of sense after looking back on our session, starting with the incredible laugh I got when he had me strip off one item of a clothing, not realizing what I was doing until I was completely naked.

hypnotized by Neil 1hypnotized by Neil

In retrospect, that moment was indicative of something Neil said to me during our initial interview, just minutes before this—“Hypnosis lowers inhibitions and makes a person relaxed and very comfortable in a situation.” For me, going under each time felt like a progressively weirder, hallucinogenic trip, in which my mind fluttered between kaleidoscopic shapes, friendly creatures that looked like they crawled out of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and surprisingly normal visions of myself setting up Manhunt‘s booth earlier that day.

This might not be everyone’s experience, but hell, it was my happy place.

Beyond that, Neil had a substantial arsenal of ways to bring me happiness. He could control my level of arousal on a scale from one to ten. He could freeze my body and place me in whatever position he wanted, as if I were an action figure. He could cuff my wrists by placing them together and saying a simple word, and similarly, he could make my hands stick to surfaces until he released me.


This type of light BDSM is one of Neil’s specialties. “One of the main turn-ons from bondage is the vulnerability,” he explained. “You can be touched in any way, you can be fucked. Any kind of thing can happen to you, and you can’t resist it. That’s a huge turn-on for a lot of people. From a philosophical, sexual perspective, the power exchange is extremely intimate.”

Bondage is not something I’ve ever attempted in my real-life sexual encounters, and yet I found myself growing more and more curious as Neil cuffed me, immobilized me and placed me exactly where he wanted me to be. These unlocked curiosities weren’t unique to my session alone. Neil told me tales of a couple he helped get into pup play, and we chatted a bit, off the record, about some of the odder requests he received.

“I’m very open-minded. It’s very difficult to shock me. I don’t think there’s ever been anyone to do so. I always get people saying, ‘I have this really, really weird fantasy, and I know you’re going to be shocked by it, so I’m not going to tell you it now… And then they tell you, and it’s like, ‘Yeah, I’ve done that, like, five times.'”

Neil the erotic hypnotist mirror shot

Without realizing it, I shaped the direction of my own session by mentioning to Neil that I like the sensation of bottoming, but I am less of a fan of the, um, process of bottoming. (Basically, I loathe douching and constantly worry that I’m not clean enough.) He took this as a cue to initiate a trigger that made me feel like I was getting fucked without any actual penetration.

When paired with a few other tricks up his sleeve—like increasing my arousal level to ten, whilst simultaneously grabbing my wrist for a hypno-orgasm—I found myself down on my knees in front of a mirror getting “fucked” while blowing a load that felt like it would never stop. Keep in mind that I don’t usually blow small loads. This felt two to three, if not four, times as long and intense.

Much as I enjoyed “bottoming” for Neil, I was more intrigued to learn how one of his specialties involves teaching people to do the real thing.

“Bottoming is a skill. It’s a matter of learning to relax, and of course having someone with a good connection, that helps you relax. But with hypnosis, I can also just teach you to relax. One of the things I do – and this is a mix of erotic hypnosis and therapeutic hypnosis – is give people suggestions to relax and then have them use a dildo during the session. Then, they see that they can take the dildo, usually the smaller one and then the bigger one. And if they can take that, then well, certainly they can take their boyfriend’s dick.

“That’s one of the things, just like with hypnosis, it’s one of those things where you have to believe that you’re able to do it. If you believe somewhere deep down that you’re not able to bottom – that it’s going to hurt, that you’re going to tighten up – you will. So just the fact that with hypnosis I can help them get over that, get them to believe that they can do it, that’s a big deal.”


That, of course, isn’t the only case where Neil’s combined aspects of erotic hypnosis and therapeutic hypnosis. He’s aided clients in overcoming erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and a common problem that a lot of us don’t talk about—the inability to cum with someone else.

“As far as I know, there’s not even a clinical name,” he shared with me. “But it’s one of the more common problems. In fact, I get that more often than I get premature ejaculation. It’s actually a lot easier to solve, because a lot of it is just simply nerves and performance anxiety. Hypnosis is the best tool to deal with performance anxiety, sexual or otherwise.”

At the end of the day, it should be stressed that Neil is not an escort. As he casually suggests on his website, there are plenty of other guys out there you can pay for sex on Rentboy or elsewhere, and while physical contact can happen during his sessions, his main goal is to use hypnosis to make your life a little better.

“I love my job, I love what I do. It’s awesome to help people, it’s awesome to get people off. It’s awesome to see people experiencing new things that opens their eyes to other possibilities.”

And that pretty much sums it all up. If you’re curious about hiring Neil or learning more about his work, then I’d highly recommend poking around his website for more information. He can also be reached on Twitter, if you’ve got a quick, burning question that isn’t addressed on there.

– Dewitt