Drawn To You: Here’s The Trailer For “Tom Of Finland”

They made a Tom of Finland bio-pic! And it doesn’t look half bad! Tom of Finland, aka Touko Laaksonen, was the artist who dared to create beautiful art depicting leathermen in all sorts of situations. He faced censorship and exile for introducing the world to a certain version of gay love that they weren’t ready […]

Drawn To You: The Glorious Tom of Finland-Inspired Art of RAS

Dicks! Dicks bigger than a boy can imagine!    For illustrators who draw naked men, especially those who do erotic works featuring naked men, there is no modern influence stronger than Tom of Finland. Tom’s (Touko Valio Laaksonen’s) styling and impressions of his technique can be seen in works from around the world and right […]

Here’s The Teaser For “Tom”, aka “The Tom Of Finland Movie”

TOM’s synopsis describes famed gay erotica artist  Tom of Finland as “by day, a talented advertising artist and a pianist, by night a genius creator of erotic drawings.” Man, that’s the superhero flick we’ve needed for a very long time! Below is the teaser trailer for TOM, a soon-to-be-shot bio pic about the dude whose […]

Mike Ruiz Pays Tribute To Tom Of Finland

Remember how Mike Ruiz is totally attractive and did an interview with us that one time? Well, the celebrity photographer and future star of Logo‘s The A List has decided to share more of his sexiness with the world. He stood before his own camera for this tribute to Tom of Finland. For the record, […]

Woof Alert: Tiko & Pete Finland Fuck At The Club

It blew my mind when I found out Eric York and human ottoman fucker Pete Finland are the same person. Admittedly, the connection should be obvious to anyone who has eyeballs and somewhat decent vision, but I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to visual matters… I guess that would explain my poor performance in […]

Woof Alert: Pete Finland

Pete Finland has a rough-around-the-edges “daddy” appeal. He was last seen on this blog fucking an unworthy subject, but today you’re going to get a taste of his versatile side as he gives up his eager hole for fellow muscle bear Tom Colt. Before the fucking even begins, Pete treats Tom to a full-service oral […]

Top or Bottom: Tom Hardy

You’ve seen his penis. You’ve drooled over his sweaty, muscular body. Perhaps you heard the bisexual rumors? Perhaps you heard when he debunked them. Then, of course, there’s that mysterious picture of a man lying face-down, ass-up on a bed. A man who bears a very strong resemblance to this very same subject. Yup, we’re […]

Gay Ass Gossip: Adam Lambert And His Hair Arrested In Finland

These two must go through SO much pancake makeup and self tanner. God, the clogged pores. American Idol runner-up and glam diva Adam Lambert was pinched in Finland after allegedly getting physical with his boyfriend at a nightclub. I would comment that it’s not nice to pick on someone shorter than you, but you know […]

Drawn To You: Meatmen

Some of you Manhunt Daily readers who are little more mature in years probably recall Meatmen! It was a gay erotic comic art anthology that ran from 1986 and 2004, and provided plenty of delightful wank material to those who had access to a gay bookstore in the beginning, and then could order it online […]