Drawn To You: The Glorious Tom of Finland-Inspired Art of RAS

Dicks! Dicks bigger than a boy can imagine! 


For illustrators who draw naked men, especially those who do erotic works featuring naked men, there is no modern influence stronger than Tom of Finland. Tom’s (Touko Valio Laaksonen’s) styling and impressions of his technique can be seen in works from around the world and right up through the now. Even artists like Belasco who have carved out their own gorgeous and recognizable depictions of men, are clearly influenced by the bulging genitals and full, engorged lips and nips of the ToF men.

That influence is easy to see in the work of RAS, or Richard (sometimes Ray) Allen or (R.A.) Shultz (sometimes Schultz, or Shultze), about whom there seems to be little known. I did a couple of hours’ worth of looking to see if I could learn more about Mr. Shultz and came up pretty empty. He seems to have done much of his work to accompany stories or features in magazines, which dictated their content. But there are also many stand alone drawings, signed to his name, and featuring his trademark, almost Robert Crumb-style dirty details.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the painstaking creations, conceived to bring smutty stories to life, which have found new existences on tumblrs and blogs dedicated to animated dicks:



If you know where to find more info about RAS, I’d be glad to hear from you. I this his work is fascinating and his multi (frequently ambiguously) ethnic model choices to be startling in a sea of primarily white ToF clones.


– tyler

4 thoughts on “Drawn To You: The Glorious Tom of Finland-Inspired Art of RAS

  1. I seem to remember his art appeared in a number of skin mags such as Advocate Man in the 90s, I remember his work because it was sometimes better then the stories they were attached to

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