Men At Play: New Guy Nicolas Brooks Gets Initiated By Hector De Silva

So this Men At Play scene had me at this: You probably guessed this already but “initiated” stands for fucked. Nicolas Brooks is new, and he’s a piece of ass. Hector De Silva is hot as fuck. Oh, and when I’ve posted about Men At Play scenes in the past, there’s always one of you […]

Men At Play: Denis Vega In Billy Santoro Is A “Guaranteed Deposit”

Men at Play’s latest scene is called Guaranteed Deposit and that TITLE. You’d think it was totally BAREBACK WE BAREBACK HERE RAW DICK IN MUSCLEBUTT NO CONDOM HERE EFF THAT LATEX? But no – I see a rubber! The deposit is just a latex-wrapped dick and there ain’t nothing wrong witht what! It’s your usual […]

Men At Play: Emir Boscatto And Sergi Rodriguez Fuck In The Kitchen

Emir Boscatto in a suit. Emir Boscatto OUT of a suit and furiously fucking Sergi Rodriguez! Sorry that I haven’t had him back in awhile. Emir is a BULL who FUCKS. There’s some clap trap about a disgruntled kitchen worker in this latest Men At Play scene. All I could focus on was Emir handling […]

Men at Play: Dato Foland’s “Got Milk” (Josh Milk, That Is)

This is way hotter than those stupid ads with the moustaches. Men at Play kicked us off their mailing list for some reason, and it’s only recently they’ve rectified their mistake. For awhile there, I thought they were producing some of the hottest scenes going. They introduced me to Emir Boscatto! I am forever indebted […]

Men At Play: Massimo Piano Tricks Robbie Rojo Out Of His Clothes

Let’s get you out of those wet clothes, Robbie. Those crazy pranksters! Men at Play’s latest features Massimo Piano (I love the choice of “Piano”) and Robbie Rojo as two co-workers who are always up to no good. Or something. They’re certainly up to some flip-fucking. Massimo’s beard is a little much for me but […]

Men At Play: Did Anyone Else Know That Spit Can Melt Polyester?

I’m sorry, Men at Play. I’m sure they’re a wool blend. Here’s Men at Play’s newest joint, Dapper. It stars sexy slick Klein Kerr and Johan Kane whom I need to grow to appreciate more, despite his long hair (which I…I’m not going to type “hate” because I’m not that much of a dick and, […]

Watch Me Improve this Men At Play Scene By 1000%

From uncomfortable silence to Best Picture nominee in just 2:05!   See, the way it works is, usually studios will release a scene on their site, and then email all of their affiliates with photos and a trailer and sometimes a longer-form extract from the full scene. Men At Play is usually real good about […]

Men At Play: Adam Champ Returns

I feel compelled to do a little Don’t Call It a Cumback wordplay, but I’ll refrain.   Oh Adam Champ. You’re hairy and uncircumcised with muscles in all the best places. And you’re finally back at Men at Play! Porn superstar Adam Champ makes a long-awaited return to MenatPlay, but he’s not here on friendly terms […]

Fuck Trump on SNL: Keep it Classy With Men At Play

If you’re reading this in the US tonight, you’ve no doubt heard all sorts of protests and yelling about professional problem-creator Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live this evening. And if you’re anything like me, you can’t watch live tv anyway, so it’s a moot point. So if you don’t care about Donald Trump and/or […]