How Come Connor Maguire is always the “Straight Guy?”

Not that he’s not convincing. 


It just seems like should give somebody else the chance. Or maybe we do one of these where Connor is the straight guy but also the aggressor and spends his energy convincing his other straight friend that it’s not really gay or something. I don’t know. I don’t have any good ideas for this. Str8ToGay doesn’t either:

Connor is busy cooking up a storm when Will walks in to check on his bud. The kitchen gets hotter after Connor accidentally spills sauce all over his shirt which leaves Will clearly turned on at the sight of his bare chest. He follows him into the bedroom and with a little convincing finally gets the chance to suck on Connor’s big cock.

Alright. Alright.  Whatever let’s just see it:



I don’t think I’ve seen Will Braun in anything before. Which is weird because his name sounds very familiar to me. At any rate, he looks like a weirdly sexy anime/furry baby in this compared Connor and, while the premise is… ehhhhhh… it actually ends up being an ok pairing between them. And definitely not gay.


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You can see the whole thing here, and maybe you’ll be able to figure out what the Straight Guy Pact means. I didn’t totally get it.


– tyler

One thought on “How Come Connor Maguire is always the “Straight Guy?”

  1. Same here, and I’ve noticed that this straight to gay thing is becoming more popular!

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