Cocky Boys: Alex Mecum Took Boomer Banks For A Fuck By The Lake (50% Off!)

This starts off so romantic, but ends so filthy!

Seriously, Cocky Boys shoots such beautiful scenes. If one didn’t know any better, they would think this was a sensitive indie film about two dudes in love, who are going for a walk by the lake. But this is Cocky Boys so…

Boomer gets down on his knees to taste Alex’s rock hard cock and for a moment they completely forget that they’re in a high traffic area and anyone could see them at any point. After that Alex returns the favor and not only does he suck on Boomer’s huge meat but he also turns him around to get his tongue up his ass as well which Boomer seems to enjoy quite a bit because it gets him so horny that he tells Alex they need to go find a place to fuck right now.

That escalated quickly! Porn hero Boomer Banks and his sexy partner Alex Mecum move further on down the bank to get to some down n’ dirty fucking.

Before he even realizes it, Boomer is 10 inches deep up Alex’s ass and is pounding away with no mercy. Alex is holding on for dear life as his ass receives the pounding of its lifetime before he gets on top of Boomer so he can ride him until the sun sets down.

They fuck into the sunset. Loads are shot back at the house. These two should vacation together more often.

As you’ve probably heard, Cocky Boys is 50% off for Manhunt members and Manhunt Daily readers for the entirety of October! Spooky savings to terrorize your cock! I have no fucking clue what that means but it’s the end of the day and I am powering down on my wordplay. Go here for the discount and check out more from Thrust Into Me below. (Isn’t that a great title?)

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