It’s 25% Off When You Join Colby’s Crew!

I want to join Colby’s Crew. I’d take (and get in) any position in which Colby wanted me! Hell, I’d be the waterboy. As long as it meant Colby would use my face as a seat for his beefy bare ass, my mouth as a holster for his big, hard, throbbing cock, and my ass, well, that would be holster material as well.

The latest scene on Colby’s Crew is My Best Friend’s Stepdad. Guess who’s playing the dad? When I was growing up, I had a friend with a hot, beefy dad. And I used to jerk off a lot thinking about him. One summer night, we were camping in my friend’s backyard (I wasn’t legal, but close to it) and Dad came back to hang out with us. He was a little drunk, so he ended up sleeping there. He was cool Dad, so it was ok. At one point, he put me in a headlick and my face was stuffed in his sweaty but not bad-smelling armpit and I had to pretend it was grossed out. He also gave his son and me both wedgies at the same time. I won’t lie, the dude reaching down the back of my shorts to use my underwear to turn me into a butt puppet almost made my close to legal age cock explode right there. And this ended with all of us stripped down to our underwear to go to sleep. And that night, he fell asleep in his tighty whities on top of a sleeping bag. AND I JERKED OFF SO HARD THAT I ALMOST WOKE MY FRIEND UP. It was so hard not to moan aloud! And the hottest part? The next morning, Dad got up and stretched in his tighty whities. And he caught me looking at his cock imprint. He kinda smirked as I turned bright red. And then, when his son went into the house to piss, he turned to and asked “so, did you have fun last night?”

Here’s a transcript of the convo that followed.

Me: Yeah, that wedgie sucked. [Ed. not – I was lying, it was awesome.]
Him: No, I mean after.
Me: After?
Him: After we all went to sleep. When you were jerking off.
Me: I…I…I…wasn’t jerking off. What? What do you mean?
Him: It’s ok, we all do it. I’d just be a little more careful next time or [my friend] is going to think you were thinking of him!
Me: Oh, uh. Ok. Uh, I should get home.

I was horrified, had never been so embarrassed in my life, but also REALLY turned on. I quickly put my clothes on, feeling the dried cum on my treasure trail. (I was literally a month from being of age in Massachusetts)

Him: Were you looking at my ass?

I just looked at him. Stricken with terror! SOMEONE KNEW. SOMEONE HAD REALIZED. I WOULD BE RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL.

Me: No…uh, girls.
Him: Ah, ok. Just so you know, it’s ok if you’re into dudes. There’s nothing wrong with it. When I was in college…anyway, I’m probably still drunk. Don’t say anything to [my friend], ok. But if you two are messing around, it’s ok. I did with my buddies sometimes. I like ladies, though.

His son was terrified of gay guys (he came out in law school) so that wasn’t happening. I just finished getting dressed wondering if this counted as being molested or if it was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. And as I passed him, he slapped my ass so hard and laughed. The encounter was my primary jerking off material until I discovered how full of gay porn the Internet was.

Anyway, I relate this story because he looked SO MUCH LIKE COLBY JANSEN THAT IT ISN’T FUNNY.

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Michael Xavier