You drive me wild

Caleb Gray is lucky enough to have fine as fuck Uber driver, Kane Fox pick him up. The pair hit it off and some heavy flirting goes down, leading Caleb to request the hot driver on a day he doesn’t even need a ride! Kane catches the hint and soon enough, the boys are inside Gray’s place gettin’ it on!

Cock stiffening chemistry is apparent during a tonsil tickling-make out session, which sends Caleb down to suck some driver dong. Kane’s dick is diamond hard and Gray gives him a five star suck job before Fox bends over to put the dicknamic duo into a sultry 69 session.

Caleb takes a ride on his driver’s dick, raw and rough, bucking and moaning all the way to his next destination….. gettin’ banged out on his back! Next, Fox hops up on the bed and pile drives dick down into the lil’ dude hard, hitting all his hot spots good, while showing off his smooth top ass to the camera.

Noticing Caleb is cocked, loaded, and close to blowing, Kane puts the pedal to the metal.

He piston pounds the pretty boy till Caleb splatters spunk all over his shredded stomach. Fox is right behind him ready to bust when Gray tells him to, “cum on my face.”

The masculine driver drains his dick right into Gray’s open gullet; then, he kisses Caleb’s cum covered lips.


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