Yesterday Was Canada Day, Here’s Some Hot Canadian Men

July 1 is the day that Canada celebrates three colonies of the British Empire uniting into one country called Canada in 1867. It’s their version of our 4th of July. Canada has many delightful exports, but the most important one is their men! Some of our hottest celebrities are from Canada. Seriously, is there some sort of lab? Ryans Reynolds AND Gosling are both Canadian. How did they do that? Check out which of our sexiest celebrities hail from the north.

Let us know if we forgot anyone!

– J. Harvey

To check out our collection of Canadian mancandy, Follow the JUMP:

Ryan Reynolds is Canadian. Abs. Abs. Abs.

Dave Salmoni. He trains animals. And he’s a beast.

Ryan Gosling. No, he’s not Photoshopped.

Michael Buble. He sings, is sexy.

Joshua Jackson. He was Pacey on Dawson’s Creek. We think his scruff might feel good on various parts of your body.

Cory Monteith. Stupid show, hot guy.

3,086 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Canada Day, Here’s Some Hot Canadian Men

  1. Ummm no, wikipedia is wrong. I am Canadian and know for a fact that it was 4 colonies (NS, NB, ON, & QC) that began the nation of Canada.

  2. I’m a little disappointed J. Harvey….you forgot one of the best canadian hotties. Kris Holden-Reid is a sexy ginger, played a gay man in “A Touch of Pink”, and has had plenty of….steamy scenes on a new(ish) show called “Lost Girl”.  Just sayin…

  3. No, you are only partially right.  Originally Canada was the federation of three colonies – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada.  The colony of Canada was split into Ontario and Quebec.  

  4. And for any one of you who are ignorant…those Canadian guys did not grow up in igloos…and where Justin Bieber came from is anyone’s guess, but you guys in the US can have him and keep him there…No one wants him back.

  5. Kris Holden-Reid was also in ‘The Tudors”, his body & those eyes & lips………..

  6. sin dudar sin criticas estén como esten con ropa sin ropa.. los qiero a  todosssssssssssssssssssssssssssss bellisimos

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