Yes, Gogobeanxx Is Really A Manhunt Member

Gogobeanxx is a Manhunt member who is currently making Chicago a more beautiful city. And we know you’re doubting this mythically handsome man is a living, breathing, cock-possessing Manhunt member. But he is! He’s not a professional cocksman or a picture thief. He passed the Manhunt litmus test for member verification!

There’s a test, you ask?

The test consists of the gracious and amiable Dewitt ambling over to my cubicle and making sure he’s not a fuck film star. Dewitt is a gay porn expert. He lives and breathes dirty video. Often I am crushed while posting about a bloke who I think is a very fuckable Manhunt member and Dewitt casually mentions he’s got an exclusive contract with MEN.COM. BUT THIS DUDE IS REAL. Flesh and blood. Not a porn star. Just a smokin’ private citizen. Chicago, you are the envy of us all.

– J. Harvey

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6 thoughts on “Yes, Gogobeanxx Is Really A Manhunt Member

  1. Of course he is. I think that way too, sometimes… this guy’s way too fucking hot, there’s no way this is a real pic. But you know, those hot guys have to be somewhere, right? Why not here on MH? A hot guy on a hook up site? Who knows, a crappy break up may have nudged him to create an account.

    This hottie can call me anytime!

  2. WTF? Looks like a pretty ordinary kid to me… why wouldn’t he be real? There are way hotter ‘real’ guys online. If MH did a better job at verifying profiles, we wouldn’t have to be wondering if he’s real or not. Gayromeo has got it right, MH just don’t give a s$%£.

  3. Well s$%£! Mythically handsome or pretty ordinary?.. Hes got a great smile and obviously is not a couch potato. When MH can tell me if a member is a psychotic self-loathing waste of time, I’ll take profiles more seriously. Honestly, there are way meaner and more hateful ‘real’ guys online than Mr. BOO. Sorry

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