Xtube Hottie Faces Deportation

Xtube, Jammy Reyes

A young stud known for his great jerk-off videos on XTube may be facing deportation from Canada back to his native Philippines. Jammy Reyes has had a crazy life filled with bad deeds and wild sexuality including a bunch of jerk-off videos that are quite popular on XTube.

Xtra.ca did a story on Jammy that details his sting as a male prostitute and drug addiction. He is now part of an art exhibit in Canada by Peter Kingstone that deals with issues of prostitution in Canada and has prostitutes and former prostitutes telling stories about their grandmothers. Ya, pretty random, but it came from Kingstone's knowledge that his own grandmother walked the streets.

He is also stepping up for Reyes, saying, "I think it's horrendous to send someone who's been here since the age of 11 back to a place he doesn't know. He spent over half his life in Canada. He fell into what the justice system considers illegal acts, but sending him back to the Philippines wouldn't help him, them or us. Canadians break the law all the time and we don't send them away. That's not how you build a community."

So what do you think? Should this guy's hot cock and attempt at redemption (he is starting classes soon) be enough to keep him in Canada or should he be deported. But more importantly, can he still access XTube from the Philippines?

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– Andy

To see one of Reye's NSFW videos, follow the JUMP:

10 thoughts on “Xtube Hottie Faces Deportation

  1. You are not saying if he’s going to e deported either by using drugs,prostitution or the vids, as you are not saying how did the authorities find it out, what ever it was… that would be interesting. I mean, if they found it our from xtube or an interview is a ot different than if they catch them in the act on the street. I didn’t knew that in Canada whoring was such a big deal…either way, they are now asking visas to mexicans, so im not surpise either…

  2. I would assume they are deporting him becaue of the laws on prostitution…break the law, and get deported. But that is not a hard and fast rule..it depends on which law is broken.
    Why is he not a citizen after being here for so long. He should have been granted citizenship if his parents went through the process….
    Something doesn’t make sense here!
    Visas for those from Mexico is an attempt to slow down the number of refugee claims that are clogging up the entire system….

  3. k, wanna start questioning the validity of some laws or just blindly follow yourself into being all that much more of a mindless lemming?
    justice first kthx.

  4. how about this for a response to the apparent sense of humour of those of you not sympathetic to the issues of deportation: miserable bitchy first-world cunts.

  5. Hey guys I am Jammy and I wanted to say that I know that I deserve this comments but all I want is just be rational and have a sense of heart at least……..I fucked up big time when I was sixteen and pretty much we are not all perfect in this world no one is…..I am not in Deniel of my life being fucked up at all atleast I got guts being honest with it few of the people in this world has dark secrets in their lives dont we…Tahnks for the support and the non sympathetic people ot there…….peace

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