Would You Hit That?: Henry Cavill

Some of you may recognize Henry Cavill from his work on Showtime’s historical drama The Tudors. As it turns out, the English actor is about to become much more famous, because he’s just been cast as Superman in the upcoming 2012 film The Man of Steel.

Rumor has it that he beat out True Blood star Joe Manganiello for the role, which is slightly disappointing since we would have killed to see the ol’ werewolf’s bulge in a pair of tights! Alas, Cavill isn’t too shabby himself, and we’re sure he’ll provide suitable masturbation fodder for many superhero fantasies. What do you think–would you hit that?

– Dewitt

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46 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Henry Cavill

  1. Cute face…which is probably why he was chosen for Superman…his facial feature fit the part better. Alas, I cannot say that there’s really anything special about his body…at least not that I can see. I suppose he can always wear one of those “muscle-enhanced” body suits, however. He appears to be a “brooding” type…not quite sure how that will translate in his role of Superman. I just think that there’s probably another actor who would better fit the part. But I guess everyone deserves a chance.

  2. I personally thought Brandon Routhe was just fine. He could have played it a bit less emo, but I liked him. And he was smoking hot, too.

  3. although joe manganiello would be awesome and definately yummy and spunk worthy as the man of steel henry cavill will do i would hit that faster then a locomotive hell 2 the yes

  4. He’s gonna have to bulk up for Superman. 😛

    I’m also disappointed we aren’t going to get to see Joe in spandex or what ever the suit is made out of. 🙁

  5. not my type, and he’s really gonna have to hit the gym if he’s gonna play the Man of Steel — right now he looks like Son of Flubber

  6. He’s cute, they of course will buff him up a bit. I think Zack Snyder (300) is directing so it should be pretty good. We’ll see.

  7. he has a great face…very cute….i personally like his body but for superman he needs to tone up and hit the gym alittle

  8. I know he’s not ripped in the above pics, but do some of you guys really think he’s flabby or out of shape or something? I don’t really understand some of the above comments, you’d think he was ready for the biggest loser or something.

  9. The studio provided trainers will have him in tip top amazing ab shape by the time filming starts… We’ll have to have a side by side comparison of photos!

    He was always sexy in The Tudors anyway

  10. YES! But forget “The Tutors”–I have been fantasizing about this man since he played the young Albert Mondego in the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo” (which, in addition to also starring a scrumptious Jim Caviezel, is just an overall excellent film.)

    He spends the few scenes he’s in mostly dressed in elaborate, sexy costumes and formal attire as the son of a wealthy nobleman. He’s a gay man’s perfect little fantasy…or other type of dream…as the rich, handsome, romantic Prince Charming.

  11. I have been in love with this man ever since years ago when he starred as a supporting role in tristan and isolde. he is actually my dream man. *sigh*

  12. …..wait till this guy hits the screen – he won’t disappoint – he is probably in the gym right now.

  13. Anyone can get a great bopdy with right training but it’s all about the face. Cant’ believe some of the people here being such body facists!

    Actually I can – it’s very shalllow! I prefer a bit of meat on a man – looks nice and natural!

  14. My God people! Give the guy a break! Of course, it will take the movie at least a year to go from development to production. The studio will work him out hard! Look at Chris Hemsworth from Star Trek to his new Thor Norse God body! Woof!!!

    This is also being spearheaded by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder. Nolan is well known for revitalizing the superhero genre, and Snyder’s directing style will modernize it for the 21st Century. Also, Superman did go through a really “dark” period in his comic book life, especially his reincarnation after his “death” by the hands of Doomsday (1992).

    And YES, I would hit that!

  15. OMG…the guy is in better shape than C. Reeves was when he made the first one about 50 years ago. This guy is smokin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. also, have a look for pics of him for War of the Gods… he’s certainly ripped and buffed for that.
    i LOVE Henry Cavill. he is my dream guy… whatever his body looks like. For him, its all about the face and voice. TO…DIE… FOR!!!

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