Woof Alert: Mick Powers

Mick Powers, Men Over 30, sexy hairy muscle bear

I hope I'm not over-sharing, but my twink binge has officially come to and end thanks to a cute, skinny redhead (whose tight pink hole got a thorough plowing this past weekend). It was pretty mind-blowing, but now I'm hankering for some beefy muscle-bear ass. ::sigh:: The chase never ends, does it?

If I could find a guy who's nearly as hot as Mick Powers, he'd be more than enough to satisfy my craving. From his tree-trunk thighs to his lightly fuzzy pecs, this man drives me absolutely crazy. And if the dictionary had a definition for "beefy muscle-bear ass", his picture would be next to it.

To make things even better, Mick appears to be entirely versatile. So when I'm done pounding and slurping on that hairy hole, I can turn him around and go for a ride. Hell, I'd let him rub his MANther paws (and any other parts) all over me! Does anyone know if he's still doing porn? More importantly, does anyone know how to get him into my bedroom immediately?

– Dewitt

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sexy hairy muscle bear, Mick Powers, Men Over 30


Mick Powers, Blu Kennedy, fucking, hairy muscle bear, Jake Cruise

Mick Powers, Trey, fucking, hairy muscle bear, Jake Cruise

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31 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Mick Powers

  1. Dewitt, I don’t know how to break this to you…I hate to burst your bubble…
    He lives under my bed…I only let him out at night…hot wild flip/flop sex all night, then I tuck him back under the bed in the morning…to be well rested for another hot fun night when I get homw…sorry buddy…I don’t share him!

  2. Wow! You have pics I had forgotten I did. My non-porn career is keeping me very busy but you might try asking ButchBear when they plan on having me back. They have expressed an interest in having me return.
    Thanks for the thread! I was surprised!

  3. Deep down, every gay man wants desperately to be one of either 2 things (depending on who they are): Louise Jefferson … or … some big, huge, powerful musclebear.

  4. wow, so do you think you might make any guest appearances then mick, if not returning to the porn industry?

  5. so is there anyway fans can contact or chat to you mick, just on what your up to these days, like through a website, myspace or facebook?

  6. So how would I give you my e-mail? just post it on this blog? what happens if other people take my email if i post it here

  7. send what to him? my email to moderator for them to send it to you? or to ask him for your private email?

  8. So mick, after I send you my email, how would you want me to stay in contact with you? Just email from time to time? or do u use msn, so I can add you as a contact.

  9. hey mick, just wondering if you got my email already because I already ask the moderator to send it to you

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