Woof Alert: Erik

You would be surprised at the number of Manhunt Daily readers and followers of our social media who say they aren’t turned on at all when we post about muscular models with perfect faces. They want “real men.” That’s what The Guy Site is all about.

Let’s get all the negatives out of the way. Yes, The Guy Site could take better quality photos. Yes, cute lil’ cub Erik doesn’t have the cut body of a model. Yes, he’s got some blemishes. Yes, he’s got a hook peen and one ball hangs lower than the other.

Now for the positives. He’s fucking adorable. He looks like your roommate from college who would stumble in at 3 AM shit-faced and subtly hinting that he could use a blowjob. If you like cubby boys, then Erik’s secretly-bisexual-boy-next-door looks, beefy thighs, and deliciously fuzzy ass are probably giving you a rod right now. And you want to shove that rod deep into his pink hole.

And as anyone who has been reamed by a hook peen will tell you, it can tap some interesting areas.

Photo credit: The Guy Site

For more pictures of Erik, Follow the JUMP:

4,096 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Erik

  1. Wow been watching my calories but i think i can make an exception sometimes 🙂 yummy

  2. Great to see areal looking accessible guy, not that the ripped model dudes aren’t good to look at.  I would love to feel the areas that curved cock would hit!!!

  3. Totally FUCKABLE 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!   Usually   when  I read the word WOOF & REAL MEN in the same sentence ( M/H ) on many occasion Dewitt idea of a real man LITTERALLY turns my stomach ( feeling knots tying in my stomach just thinking about some of Dewitts & J.Harvey recent WOOF alerts ) However LOL this kid is certainly FUCKABLE  and CUTE ……….

  4. He is cute! Love those big balls. His penis looks small and thin, but I’ll bet he works extra hard to make up for the lack of size. Semi-hairy chest is nice. Luv his hairy butt and legs! He is an average guy, but he’s sexy cute.

  5. Technically everone has one ball that hangs lower then the other. Your anatomy is that way so that they dont end up crushing each other while you are sitting or anything else that would force them together, so i dont see how that could technically be a negative. Its just how guys are made. lol

  6. Same here.  Use to get together with a guy (I met here) who had balls like that and he’d sit on my face.  He moved away.  Damn, I miss him.

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