Woof Alert: Eddy Trojan

It’s that time again! Recently, the Woof Alert series has been lacking in terms of fuzzy, amateur daddy bears. We thought we’d change that by featuring Xtube user eddytrojan, a bearded fellow with a rather girthy cock, thoroughly lickable balls and a meaty ass we’d gladly lick, smack, fuck or (insert any various word that ends with “-ck”).

Oh, and wait until you see the loads this man shoots! He’s not one for distance—at least based on the videos we’ve seen—but the sight of those thick globs of cum oozing from his perfect mushroom head? We’re eating it up! And we wish we meant that in the literal sense.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: eddytrojan

Click through to watch some of Eddy’s videos:


15 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Eddy Trojan

  1. the guy is anything but obese! Lets see your pics so we can judge you. Probably best to stay anonymous.

  2.  Yeah, you missed something. “Sexy” is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone thinks exactly the way you do. Thanks be to Buddah for that. And this guy isn’t obese by any definition anyway–not that it matters one iota except to him and the guys who are attracted to him.

  3. Dewitt I know of no words 2 describe such a SHOCKING sight  ! This is so wrong on so many levels …….

  4. Let’s see your pic BLACKjackHAMMER!!!!  Thought not. Cuz I am sure our comments would be !SHOCKING! This is wrong on so nmany levels.”

  5. I think Eddy Trojan is fucking hot! I watched one of his xtube videos the other night for some release before bed. Suggestion to those saying/indicating that Trojan is not their type of man, just write in comments – “i’ll pass,” instead of some unfunny “sense of humor.” 

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