Why Aren’t You Shirtless And/Or Naked, Patrick Schwarzenegger?!?!

Ariana Grande is dead to me! I thought after hearing “The Way” and “Baby I” that she’s the new Mariah Carey, but just like other hacks like Monster Mother, she let us all down by making the irresponsible decision of casting Patrick Schwarzenegger in her music video for “Right There” and NOT forcing him to get naked and show off his hot six pack!

A true fierce diva bitch would never miss an opportunity like this… So do the math, sluts! Ariana Grande is not a true fierce diva bitch. She’s a straight-up fugly booger with no talent whatsoever, and I bet nobody will even know her name by the end of the year. What an irrelevant twat monkey whore!

Patrick Schwarzenegger being shirtless flawless and sexy

I mean, just look at this hottie’s body! She should have hired him to wave his peen in her face or at least drip chocolate sauce down his abs while she licked it off. It’s all just such a shame, because I used to think “Right There” was one of the best songs of the year, and now it’s the worst thing I ever heard.

Ugh! Do you think Big Sean has a six pack? I kind of wanna touch him, LOL.

Gay Skylar

Watch the worst music video ever filmed and regret your decisions in life below:



3 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Shirtless And/Or Naked, Patrick Schwarzenegger?!?!

  1. That opening “shriek” vocal is so bad karaoke Mariah it ain’t even funny. She has a LOVELY voice, as showcased when she sings with Jimmy Fallon – which is a funny video, but she doesn’t have a high soprano. STOP trying to be a baby Mariah.

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