You guys. I have no information about this, but I just sent a begging email to Men.com to see if I can’t get some promo pics or a trailer or something. Until they decide to offer something up, you’ll have to be as irrationally excited about this as I am right now:





That’s cruel, right? That’s all they’re gonna show me? I’ve been reading gay X-Men slash fic since middle school, and I feel like this is going to justify another upsetting Drawn to You post (remember the Turtles?) which makes me flat giddy. I better see what kinda Wolverine nudes I already have on file.




You can keep an eye on Men.com’s Upcoming section here, in case they decide to drop a trailer and I miss it.


– tyler



Updated to Add:



OMG. They emailed me this back. Which is almost worse. That’s fucking Colby Keller as Wolverine and now I have to spend the rest of my afternoon working on a time machine to move me along to May 27 so I can watch this RFN.


giphy (36)


– tyler





7 thoughts on “Whuuuuuuuuuut.

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