Who’s Coming Out On May 5th?


It’s been essentially confirmed that a major celebrity will be coming out on the May 5th issue of People Magazine, but the identity of this person has been kept a total secret. Publicist Howard Bragman is said to be booking TV appearances and interviews for this closeted celeb.

Don’t get too excited though, there’s little chance of it being Hugh Jackman or Anderson Cooper, because it has been strongly suggested that it is a female musician. My bet is on either Queen Latifah or Alicia Keys, any other ideas on who our mystery woman could be?

– Andy

31 thoughts on “Who’s Coming Out On May 5th?

  1. Isn’t Queen Latifah about release a new movie, a romantic comedy? I wonder if she would come out right before that…

  2. I don’t think Lindsey Lohan ever officially came out, even though we know she is gay. That would a pretty big letdown if it was her.

  3. yeah, I would vote for Alica Keys. It’s been kinda the word on the streets for years that she is on the DL…LOL!

  4. @Nex, everyone thought Alicia Keys was lesbian when she first became famous because she wore pants. It was ridiculous.
    I think it’s Queen Latifah. She’s been dogged with the gay rumors for years, and she has never really addressed them.

  5. Alicia Keys stole a married man (Swizz Beats) away from his wife. They are still together too so I think she’s straight. My money is on Missy Elliot or Queen Latifah

  6. queen latifah has said she will never come out and confirm anything because its no ones business.I wish gays would stop making it seem you are obligated to come out.Give up on Queen Latifah,she respects her anonymity to much.

  7. there are rumors that Alicia Keys is pregnant by Swizz Beats. They’ve been dating for a few years now after Swizz and his previous girlfriend broke up

  8. oh the guys from queer eye will be coming out?
    come on these come outs are always so obvious – its like if they came out as “straight” it would be more of a surprise.
    was anybody surprised by clay aiken?

  9. I could not agree more with Jay it is no one business !!! But I am putting my money on a former 1st Lady from Arkansas LOL just kidding !!!

  10. if it’s Joel McHale I call dibs.
    as for my theory I dunno. And I don’t really care, I’m sure whoever it is I’ll be momentarily shocked and just as quickly get over it.

  11. I’m with Garrett. . .
    . . .Sandra Bullock is swearin’ off the menz. . .

  12. I did a search on Shelby Lynne, and there are a few people claiming that she’s coming out.
    Excuse me, but didn’t People Magazine say it’s a “huge star”?
    I have no clue who she is to be honest. . .

  13. The term “huge star” is loosely used these days. Anybody is a star from wannabes, rejects, reality show people and has beens. My money is on lesbian icon Justin Bieber. Just kidding.


  15. does it really matter, will i stop watching them, or listening to their music. Isnt there anything more exciting in news world?

  16. the answer to who is coming out is chely wright. country musics first openly gay singer

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