Who Would You Rather?: Scissor Sisters

I’ve enjoyed every song I’ve heard off of Scissor Sisters’ new album, Magic Hour. And yes, I’m including “Let’s Have A Kiki”. (Dewitt’s right though, “Baby Come Home” is fantastique.)

Besides loving their music, I can honestly say I would sleep with every single member of the band. Yes, I think Ana Matronic is hot and I always assumed she was a man anyways. What about you? Which one of the Scissor Sisters would you give the ultimate groupie experience?

By the way, I totally lied. I would be on Babydaddy like white on rice.

– J. Harvey

To vote, Follow the JUMP:

Jake Shears

Ana Matronic


Del Marquis

25 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Scissor Sisters

  1. DEL gets my vote… have always fancied that little cub of a man… cutest sweetest fuckable face…. the pic you used isnt the greatest but I know what he generally looks like and thats who i would love to fuck senseless… ok, he can fuck me too!!!

    Jake runs a close second…. 

  2. I know someone who briefly dated Jake Shears, he said he was fun and amazing in bed…that definitely informed my pick.

  3. Yeah, I totally would go for All of the Above, even Ana if I were drunk.  But if I have to choose one, it would be Jake.  He can totally have my baby.

  4. normally I’d be picking Babydaddy but that pic of Del with the beard is really Hot!! I vote for a 3 way with the 2 of them!!

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