Who The Hell Won?: Week Of 3/26/12

Who is he? What did he win that trophy for? Who the hell knows? Dirtbike something, but he’s handsome and an excellent representation of all our poll winners over the last week. Would you guys tap Brian Austin Green’s ass? Which gym shorts-wearing dude did it best in “iPhone Wars”? Are we running out of things to poll you about? NEVER!

– J. Harvey

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Would You Hit That?: Brian Austin Green

The more I check out pics of this 90210 alum, the more I’d definitely let him sit on MY cock kitchen counter. 63.56% of you agreed with me and said you would hit him harder “than Botox has hit Megan Fox’s face.” I am such a bitch.

iPhone Wars: Battle of the Gym Shorts

A hardbody ALWAYS wins here on Manhunt Daily. In last week’s gym short battle, the stud in orange above took 40.3%. It probably helped that you could pretty much make out his religion through those clingy shorts.

Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Bottoms of Man Royale

Shockingly, my namesake Cole Harvey only grabbed 13% of the vote. But he also came in 3rd out of 7 bottom boy contestants. It’s the Harvey name! My father would be so touched. Yikes. Anyway, Marc Dylan and his completely fuckable ass won “Fuck Vs. Fuck” last week by 28.02%!

Who Would You Rather?: Dancing With The Stars Edition

Did you know there’s a controversy over DWTS season 14 contestant William Levy’s nude pics? Apparently if you drop trou for the camera, you don’t deserve to compete for a ballroom dancing trophy against celebrity has-beens. Idiots. He won with 79.32% of the vote in our poll, and that was against Jack Wagner! That’s a triumph because Jack Wagner gave us THIS SONG.

Top Or Bottom: Mark Wahlberg

The origin of this story is that I saw this hot pic of Marky Mark working those Nantucket Reds and wanted to post it. So I figured I’d ask you guys if you thought this meathead took it, gave it, flipped for it, etc. It’s like I guessed. 48% of you think he’s a total top. But it does my heart good to think about his secret buttplug collection. You know he’s got a buttplug collection!

3 thoughts on “Who The Hell Won?: Week Of 3/26/12

  1. The Cuban dancer/actor William Levy is drop dead gorgeous. I would sell my soul to Satan to get a chance to have sex with this guy. I hope you know, I was only joking about selling my soul to Satan. LOL

  2. The Cuban adonis William is just too much for words. That is what a man is all about. I wish there were a contest on manhunt to win a date and an overnight with him.I would bitch slap my way to the winners circle. Then I would make sure my medical insurance covered me 100% for reconstructive rectum surgerey!

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