Who The Hell Won: Week Of 10/10/11

Don’t even ask me what I’m doing with the main photo for this feature. Just trying to find hot nude guys who won their events. It makes sense, right? RIGHT? *crickets*

This week we expected a lot from you guys. A lot of answers! Do you prefer to fuck at home or at his place? Is a Beatle still fuckable when he’s 72,000 years old? How does one decide which gay porn star to fuck, marry or refuse to acknowledge? So many questions. Let’s see who won what.

– J. Harvey

To see who won this week’s polls, Follow the JUMP:

Random Question: Your Place Or Mine?

The majority of you preferred to keep it local, and do the deed at your own place. Advantages cited included knowing that your place is going to be tidy and smell nice, and you can indulge yourself by having dick delivered right to your door!

Would You Hit That?: Sir Paul McCartney

It looks like Sir Paul could get a little if we had the use of a wayback machine. When asked if the recently married Beatle was still worth a shag, you guys said only if it was still around the time the week Sgt. Pepper’s came out.

38.6% chose “Maybe if this was 1965 – 1975.”
32.8% chose “No, he’s about a trillion years old.”
19.6% chose “If there was a large signing bonus.”
9% chose “Yes, an older, successful man is hot and he’s still cute.”

iPhone Wars: Potential Gangbang Battle

Group D (above) spanked the competition by taking 44.5% of the vote. It’s amazing what shoving your hand down your bud’s pants can do for you in a photo competition. Devious twinks!

Screw Fuck Vs. Fuck! This Is Another Post About Jamie.

Dewitt was so boned over Jamie from Sean Cody and his scene with Jordan that he told our weekly “Fuck Vs. Fuck” feature to FUCK OFF, and just posted more pics from that set. Checking out these two, and their hard, compact bodies and beefy butts, well, I get it. I had a similar situation with Nick Sterling last week. We’re only human.

Who Would You Rather?: Demi Moore’s Impending Divorce Edition

Wow, if only he had that much girth in his brain. Poor Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher stepped out on her, and his trick went to the tabloids. When we asked which one of Demi’s exes (you know Ashton’s about to become one) you would most want to get with, Ashton’s no-good ass received 47.3% of the vote! You shameless sluts, he’s a cheater! Like you care. Personally, I would have gone with Emilio during The Breakfast Club days. He could tape my buns together anytime.

Fuck, Marry, Block: The Last Three Porn Stars We Blogged About

We made “Fuck, Marry, Block” pretty difficult last week by making you play with three hot porn stars. There were some interesting results. British hottie Ben Brown garned the most “Fucks” AND the most “Blocks”. And Solomon with the big….goofy grin was the guy you most wanted to “Marry”. Aww, he must look like the faithful type.

Hot Or Not: Anal Beads

Dewitt asked how you guys felt about having beads up the bum, and the majority of you thought it was hot. Just as long as we’re talking high quality beads that won’t pop off and get lost in your butt. That would suck for multiple reasons.

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  1. Thanks ManhuntDaily.com for posting all the Results to last week’s posts. I always wondered who and what won. So its good that we finally get to see the results. Kudos to u Manhunt Daily Blog People.

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