Who Knew Swiss Farmers Were This Hot?

Swiss Farmers, Tina Steinauer

Is there anything hotter than a strapping farm boy half naked in the barn? If you like where this is going then you'll love some shots from this hot Swiss calendar featuring real local farmers.

The guys are hot, the profits help real farmers and did I mention they're really hot?

The photographer for the project, Tina Steinauer, says, "We want to show Switzerland in its best light, the countryside and a bit of its culture." Don't you worry Tina, Switzerland looks great from here.

If you need some nudity with your farm boys, check out this spread.

– Andy

Photo Credit: Tina Steinauer/SpiegelOnline

For some of the shots, follow the JUMP:

Swiss Farmers, Tina Steinauer
Swiss Farmers, Tina Steinauer
Swiss Farmers, Tina Steinauer

29 thoughts on “Who Knew Swiss Farmers Were This Hot?

  1. lol the one with the chainsaw looks SO out of place. Ive never seen a “farm boy” so gurly and that many tats ๐Ÿ™ the other 2 r GGGGRR ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i agree with max.
    1st one is hot. rest mediocre at most.
    especially the one with lots of tattoos.
    but honestly, none of them looks like a farmboy.
    just swiss boys farmed at the local gyms.
    hairless, typical, dull…

  3. they all look out of place, farm boys don’t wear necklaces and put goop in their hair.

  4. None of these guys look like farmers. None. Who thinks these themes up, anyway. It’s like the testosterone flavor of the month club.
    Some apparently think goat boy is the best of the lot. Meh. Hay boy has my vote (tho the tat, not so much)

  5. bobindetriot you have issues… you wanna see some ethnic guys move to Africa or Asia… I’m so sick of you killing the buzz every time manhunt put pictures of guys up. I’m all up for having more diversity on the blog but seriously stop trying to make this a racial thing manhunt aren’t trying to be racist. why dont you learn to love us white guys. We’re not all bad…
    Oh and ps. guys.. Hot pics.. but seriously bad tats ha ha…

  6. Oh please, who the hell are you to tell someone where to go when they question diversity on this white bread site? Besides that, the pics are not all that hot. Most farm boys are know have a natural physique from hard work,natural good looks and sunkissed skin that gives a natural glow. This man is lacking that and much more. If you going to try an create a fantasy, at least, create the realness of the illusion.

  7. I am a farm “boy”, if the term can be used for a 25 year old, from Pennsylvania; Amish Country actually. Most farm boys around here are fat and unkempt, from hours sitting on a tractor and eating meat and potatoes all the time. My body type is close to that of the guy with the milk jug. I do wear sandals in the barn sometime and a lot of younger farmers have tattoos. Most of us also have second jobs since you can’t pay the bills with a family farm these days.
    Plus these are Swiss farmers so they are going to be almost all white and I must agree I have never heard the term barn house used. Hot guys anyways; wish the farmers next door looked like any of them.

  8. DavidFowler: I consider you like a box of Cracker Jacks. I never have liked them because they always produced small prizes.

  9. I’m not trying to make this about race.. thats my point.. I dont think we should look at the race of the models that manhunt post I think we should just enjoy the pics… so stupid that pics of guys can cause such a stir.. Just relax…

  10. come on guys… seriously i think their all pretty hot! i don’t know why you don’t like the guys tats they look good on him. i personally am a sucker for a peirced eyebrow. so hot!

  11. Swiss Farm Boys commonly get scripted tattoos reading “Bad Boys Forever”…in english?
    I suppose, if we can watch lisping twinks parade around a pressboard jail under titles like “Hard Time: The Sex Lives of Real Felons” we can believe these guys are swiss farmboys…actually I’m going to pretend the third one is an astronaut, and the last one is an eskimo..kinky!

  12. I have to agree with Jason, the average farmer isn’t usaully in good shape. Machines do a lot of the work. So sorry to ruin all those fantasies out there, but these guys are hotter than your average farm hand.

  13. Allot of urbanites still seem to have a stereotype image of farmers which has no basis in reality; the typical farmer being burly, hairy, unsophisticated and lacking in any fashion awareness.
    Iโ€™m a farmer myself and nowadays there is very little in terms of social attitude or fashion that separates rural dwellers from urbanites. Nearly all of the young farmers I know of, use hair gel, buy designer labels, go to the gym, own an iPod, wear jewellery, some have tattoos and some even wear highlights through their hair. A modern day farm worker on a night out on the town could pass for an urbanite with ease; the only give away would possible be the coarse condition of his hands.
    With the possible exception of the man in photograph one, none of these men shown above looks like a professional photo-shoot model; none of them are muscular enough or handsome enough. In fact, they all have the fairly typical body type of any young man who physically works in agriculture and who looks after himself.
    P. S. If you look closely enough, two of the models have a โ€˜farmerโ€™s tanโ€™ (photo 3 & 4) and one had the large rough hands of a manual worker (photo 2).

  14. i abolutely agree with mike, it’s obvious, that they don’t take any average fashion model. they are all farmers. i think it’s great to get real farmers for photoshoots and you do make a real farmers calendar and not just pretend to take pictures of farmers. anyway the new calendar just launched last weekend. it’s great and still very authentic handsome farmers.;-) http://www.bauernkalender.ch

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