Who do you cum to?

What’s your ideal man? For me it depends on what I’m after. For example, when I wanted to be bent over like a slut I would prefer a manly DILF. Other times when I just wanted to feel the heat of my cock inside another body then I would go for a smooth more boyish look. I especially find smooth balls attractive. If only there was a way to know before you pulled their pants off!

I don’t mind them hairy but only if they have a decent sized cock. Otherwise, I just feel like I’m making out with a brillo pad. I’ve never had much of a relationship with any of the guys I’ve been with, but in another life I could see myself with a cute boy for a husband instead of a hot blonde for a wife.

Alas I digress; what about you? What kind of man do you find most attractive?

– Nerve






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