White Lie, Editor’s Cut

Massimo Piano and Robbie Rojo are more like buddies than co-workers at the same firm; oftentimes playing pranks on each other.

But today, Massimo takes his pranking to a whole new level, conveniently ‘forgetting’ to tell a rain-soaked Robbie about his canceled meeting. Massimo provides Robbie with a dry suit to change into, but first Robbie must strip.

When Massimo sneaks a peek at his tasty, young colleague getting butt naked – he wants to win the game and take the prize! Massimo finally gets to fuck young Robbie’s tight, smooth ass over his own desk.

But as much as Robbie enjoys getting his ass pounded, he isn’t that happy about losing out to Massimo and evens the score. Robbie proves that he can give as well as he takes it and fucks his colleague.


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