Which Male Celebrities Do Straight Guys Want To Fuck?

Wait, what? Yeah, BuzzFeed asked some hetero dudes which male celebrities were the hottest. Hetero dudes who don’t give a fuck and answer this question honestly are admirable to me. I have straight guy friends who actually state “I can’t tell if a guy is hot or not.” Isn’t that sad?

The choices differ from what I would have chosen because there isn’t a lot of beef and I don’t see John Goodman anywhere. Yes, I think John Goodman is hot. Have you ever seen Everybody’s All-American and the earlier seasons of Roseanne? Exactly.

Check out the top ten below, and my thoughts on each selection. Because my thoughts are obviously hugely important. And let us know what you think in the comments!

– J. Harvey




This is someone throwing Harrison a bone who’s really into Star Wars and Indiana Jones (hopefully you’ve forgotten my justification of John Goodman above). Granted, Harrison had some moments in those flicks but now he has an earring. It’s a turn-off when Dad doesn’t ease into elderly with grace and poise. You can be elderly and hot. Just don’t get a piercing.




Yes. Yes. Yep. Agreed. Totally. Good choice. I think we all sign off on this one.




I used to work as a gossip blogger (“work” being a relative term) and came to realize that Gerard Butler has had his dick in every vagine in Hollywood. He’s either a cocksman extraordinaire, or his natural charisma is insane. Gerard gets the okay. He was seriously hot kicking people into pits in 300.




Notice how this list is reflecting pop culture fandom as opposed to raw sexuality? Don’t get me wrong, Aaron’s a cutie, but not sure he should be on the top ten HOTTEST celebrities list. This reads like straight dudes missing Breaking Bad. And I wasn’t an avid fan of the show, but I saw a couple of episodes, and his character wasn’t exactly bringing the sexy along with the meth.




See above. Glover’s cute, has a surprisingly nice body and might be open to the gay, but Community is big with the brainier straight dudes.




Please see the Idris Elba entry. Karl is so smoking hot. And his impression of DeForrest Kelly in the Trek flicks is adorable. Full support on this one.




Dude can’t carry a movie, but he’s so hot that Hollywood keeps trying to make him happen. Completely understood.




Do I even need to type anything here?



George Clooney 7438_SIZED

Yes, but I feel that he should have been a couple of rungs down. Clooney < Gosling. Clooney < Elba. Clooney < Reynolds.




Here’s what two of the straight guys who voted for him had to say:

 “Hugh Jackman, who’s the pinnacle of hunkdom because he call pull off [any] look. Also, he has a lovely accent.” – Adam (New York)

“He’s tall, handsome and manly, but he also seems like a nice guy. He’s the kind of man that will chop down a tree, make a table out of it, and then pull out the chair for you.” – Logan (New York)

Okay, maybe those two are gay. What do you think of this list? Who are they missing? (Kinda shocked Channing Tatum didn’t make the top ten. He seems like an actor straight guys would be into.)

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26 thoughts on “Which Male Celebrities Do Straight Guys Want To Fuck?

  1. I have no real quarrels with this list, although I’d replace Harrison Ford with Jonny Lee Miller or Nathan Fillion.

  2. Jamie Fox and Matthew McConaughey and Ewan MacGregor and Michael Fassbinder in, Donald Glover, Karl Urban, Aaron Paul & Harrison Ford out….

  3. My top ten in no particular order. Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, CM Punk, Chris Hemsworth, Stephen Amell, Evan Bourne, Randy Orton, Ryan Gosling.

  4. James Purefoy! People undermine that man. That accent, those eyes that say lets get rough and then snuggle. He s got it all! And w that my newsletter sweethearts, I want a post about him.

  5. He was once asked about his sexuality and he said “Im not ruling anything out”. Get him Dewitt and send him my way, we can share.

  6. No James Franco or Jake Gyllenhaal? WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR.

    Just kidding, straight men. I will gladly have them each to myself thankyouverymuch

  7. I’m surprised Jake Gyllenhall didn’t make the list. I’ve heard at least a dozen of my straight friends in college say they’d fuck him. Ryan Gosling is everything.

  8. I’d go and do Keanu, but Patrick would be the best friend…. he ROCKS! Can’t think of anything more fun than to hang out with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on a regular basis. What those conversations must be like!!!

  9. Either. both… Jake is my all time, from as early as I can remember fantasy. He’s damned near perfect!

  10. Sorry to disappoint you all, but STRAIGHT means a guy is attracted to, and fucks, women only!

    If he wants to fuck a guy, then he is NOT straight. Let’s get this clear!!

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