When Focus Group Participants Attack (One Another’s Penises)

MANHUNT Focus Group Chat

Just how slutty are some of the guys who use MANHUNT? Well, behold a true tale of two members meeting in one of our online focus groups. A week back or so, we were trying to get some honest feedback from our California members. Our chatroom moderator was female, and did not in any way drive the conversation into salacious territory.

When it came time to log off, a few participants joked about continuing the conversation on MANHUNT. I believe one of their exact quotes was, "whoo hoo orgy time lol". Sadly, this didn't seem to materialize. Eventually–after the moderator continually requested they leave the room–only two guys were left. I suppose it's best for me to just step aside and let their words do the talking… but you can probably bet that they were doing way more than talking later that night!

FYI: Screen-names were blurred to protect the not-so-innocent, but none of this text is fabricated or edited. These guys are one-hundred percent real.

– Dewitt

2 thoughts on “When Focus Group Participants Attack (One Another’s Penises)

  1. chatting on manhunt. Damn, that would be a cool feature (if it could be better than horrible chat rooms… cause i deleted my account cause just bringing it up to set in the background and wait to send standard regret messages was just not doing it for me.

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