Wet Groomsman

Dani Robles is getting married soon and today is the rehearsal dinner with his closest family and friends at an extravagant resort. During the dinner, Dani begins feeling quite stressed and decides to go for a stroll.

He ends up in the swimming pool naked except for his dress shirt and tie, and sheer socks. Justin Jett, one of Dani’s closest friends, goes to look for him as his absence is starting to be noticed.

When Justin finds him, Dani refuses to get out of the pool. And, like any good friend, Justin tries to get Dani out but instead, falls into the pool fully suited. Dani cannot resist laughing and then blurts out to his friend that he is .. so fucking sexy!

Lucky for Dani, his friend is willing to give him a wet, thick wedding present he won’t forget.


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