Westla62, You Won Our Manhunt Men Online Contest!

Our Manhunt Men Online contest ended on Monday, and a Grand Prize winner was randomly selected – Manhunt member westla62!

Unfortunately it appears as though he thinks our “You won, dude!” e-mail to his Manhunt account is spam, and he hasn’t opened it!

If you’re reading this, e-mail us back on Manhunt or at daily@manhunt.net! You can also CC jharvey@online-buddies.com cuz’ damn, your body is bangin’.

And before one of your fiery bitches in the comments is all “eh, they picked him cuz he’s hot”, he was picked at random. Check out his profile, though, cuz’ he’s got some HOT PICS.

– J. Harvey

4,573 thoughts on “Westla62, You Won Our Manhunt Men Online Contest!

  1. I hate to be THAT guy, but is it so coincidental that the randomly chosen guy is hot?

    Please tell me he was actually chosen for (over)attractiveness, otherwise I’m convince that the good looking get everything 🙁

    I’ll stop bitching and just go wank to this guy in a corner now…

  2. Damn! Will the owner of the body in that main picture PLEASE step forward and reveal some more!?!  His body looks absolutely delicious there. He’s certainly a winner in my book.

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