Watch the Trailer for Troye Sivan’s New Gay YA Film ‘Three Months’

Pop star Troye Sivan is all set to star in the upcoming gay YA drama Three Months, and you’ll be able to watch it sooner than you think!

The coming-of-age film “tells the story of Caleb, as a South Florida teen who loves his camera, his weed and his grandmother. On the eve of his high school graduation, everything changes when he’s exposed to HIV. While he waits three months for his results, Caleb finds love in the most unlikely of places.” 

“At its core, it’s a film about dismantling the shame around HIV and showing that it’s no longer a death sentence in our modern world with access to healthcare,” said director Jared Frieder in a statement. “It’s about a kid coming of age and realizing that the very things that make him different also make him indispensable and worthy of love. And perhaps most of all, it’s about what it’s like to wait.”

Sivan stars in the film alongside Viveik Kalra, Brianne Tju, Ellen Burstyn, Judy Greer, Javier Munoz, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Amy Landecker.

Via Pride

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