Watch Aslan Brutti Get Slapped In the Face!

MaleReality is genius! Why? Because Aslan Brutti gets slapped in the face. HARD! Apparently his “girlfriend” (who looks like a tranny, or maybe even is, in fact, a tranny) comes home and finds him sucking Kotly’s cock. Or maybe it’s the other way around and she’s Kolty’s girlfriend—whatever! The point is that someone gets slapped in the face in this scene and it’s HAA-larious!







Here’s the official trailer!

Enjoy 🙂


9 thoughts on “Watch Aslan Brutti Get Slapped In the Face!

  1. Manhunt Daily has gotten so bad, there is no reason to even check it out anymore. My annual subscription just ended yesterday and there is NO reason for me to continue to support this kind of crap! So I’ll just become a non paying member till someone from Manhunt decides to make this site worth paying for!

  2. BORINGGGGGGGGG! You’ve gotten really lame lately. I’m with steveandbarry. I’l lapse………. What happened?

  3. you don’t pay for manhunt daily, its a free site, you may have a membership to but this site is free. I do agree with you however that manhunt daily is a piece of crap since they got rid of dewitt.

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