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Is anyone on this site talented at filling slots? We’re trying to pick a song for the last remaining position on our Weekly Top Ten, and it’s not as easy as you’d think! The choices have been rounded down to four selections, spanning from indie rock to mainstream hip-hop.

Now, it’s up to you to vote on which jam should make it onto the countdown! The contestants for this week’s Wild Card round include Drake, MGMT, Cee Lo Green and Example. Click through to take a listen and get your vote in before it’s too late.

– Dewitt

To listen and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

Drake f/ Lil Wayne – Miss Me: Initially, I didn’t view this as an epic summer scorcher. Then it came on the radio on a breezy day, and I just rolled down the windows and started bobbing my head! For the record, I’m not talking about that kind of head-bobbing. But if anyone else wants to take the wheel, I’m pretty awesome when it comes to road head.


MGMT – Congratulations: Although their latest album hasn’t produced any aural gems in the vein of “Kids” or “Electric Feel”, we argued that it was much stronger as a whole. Also, the music videos have been just as weird, if not weirder. Their latest clip features an adorable monster, which falls apart as it walks with the band. Sad!


Cee Lo Green – Fuck You: Some of you may not be familiar with “Cee Lo Green” by the name alone, but you’d probably recognize him as the lead singer from Gnarls Barkley. The chorus of his latest solo cut is packed with expletives. However, it sounds a lot sweeter than you’d expect.


Example – Last Ones Standing: Here’s a confession. When you originally suggested Example for the Weekly Top Ten, I didn’t snub him because of his physical appearance. It was because I hated “Kickstarts”. With that said, this jam could definitely grow on me. And what are you guys even talking about? He’s totally hot in an uber-geeky, awkward sort of way!

9 thoughts on “Vote For The Weekly Top Ten Wild Card

  1. Drake’s song(??) is awful. Cee Lo Greene’s will never make it past being a novelty. MGMT is depressing and Example is pretty bad. Can’t see either one on the Top Ten. Sorry!!

  2. And the love for Example “kickstarts” again. Dewitt, thanks for being honest about hating his previous single. I am still voting for the new one.

  3. Cee Lo green–awesome, fun, bouncy song expressing some very big, and very real anger. That takes quite a bit of artistry. (It’s much harder than it looks to be that catchy.)

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