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It's that time again! We're two days away from the Weekly Top Ten, and we need your help in choosing the final competitor. Four potential entries will be competing for this week's remaining slot, so take a break from trying to fill your own slots and vote for your favorite pick! It's easier than I am.

This week's round features music by M.I.A., Lioness, Jason Aldean and Young Money. From good ol' country to dark electro rock, there's something for everybody in this mix. Which song do you think should take the final spot?

– Dewitt

To listen and vote for your favorite song, follow the JUMP:


M.I.A. – Space Odyssey: After achieving massive mainstream success with her 2008 single "Paper Planes", it seems that M.I.A. wants to ditch the gimmicks and return to her true roots as an artist. This video was mysteriously posted on her Twitter a few days ago. Is it a song from her upcoming album? It's impossible to say. (UPDATE: Apparently this is a diss track directed towards The New York Times, and it will be appearing on the new album.)


Lioness – What You Do (Will Come Back To You): You may not have heard of this electronic rock trio, but lead singer Vanessa Fischer's soulful vocals will surely win a place in your heart. The band even has a bit of gay cred! Their song "You're My Heart" was played during Project Runway contestant Sonny Fong's runway show.


Jason Aldean – The Truth: Jason Aldean isn't the hottest country singer out there, but I'd still hit it. His latest single "The Truth" is currently in the number forty-six spot on the Billboard charts, and it's rapidly been gaining airplay and sales. Oh, and did I mention that his album is named Wide Open? I'm not even going to go there, because it's way too easy.


Young Money – BedRock: Lil Wayne's hip-hop crew turned out this sexual braggadocio packed jam, which boasts such lines as "maybe it's time to put this pussy on ya' sideburns". I'm mostly including this because of my newfound obsession with female rapper Nicki Minaj. Oh, and if you haven't heard the amazing piano cover… you need to do so immediately.


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