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We need your help! There are two empty slots on this Saturday's Weekly Top Ten, and they need to be filled immediately. We've rounded up four songs for you to choose from, but you can feel free to leave comments with other suggestions. If you give us something good, we may even help you get your slots filled.

This week's Wild Card round features music from OK Go, Hunx & His Punx, Evanescence and Young Money. Which one will be making it onto this weekend's charts? That's for you to decide!

UPDATE: I forgot the poll yet again! I'm seriously going to need an intern to remind me to do these things (and blow me during lunch breaks). Everything has been fixed, and you can now vote after the JUMP.

– Dewitt

To listen and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:


OK Go – This Too Shall Pass: Arguably the most talked about music video of the week, treadmill-enthusiasts OK Go have done it again with their latest clip for "This Too Shall Pass". The band collaborated with Synn Labs to construct an intricate machine that'd make Rube Goldberg proud.


Hunx & His Punx – Good Kisser: Channeling Ronnie Spector and the '60s girl group sound, Hunx & His Punx churn out some short and sweet pop tunes. Also, the lead singer poses naked a lot. It helps that he's an adorable indie boy with swoopy bands and a little fur on him.


Evanescence – Together Again: Though I'm not a huge fan of Evanescence, there's no denying that Amy Lee has a wonderful voice. The band has offered up this previously unreleased track to help Haiti, and we had a request to add it to the countdown. What do you think?


Young Money – Roger That: I'll be extremely surprised if this one makes the cut, considering that you haven't been too kind to hip-hop selections in the past. Emerging female rapper Nicki Minaj opens this track with a scene-stealing verse, and it's sad that Lil Wayne and Tyga can't keep up with her.

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7 thoughts on “Vote For The Weekly Top Ten Wild Card

  1. two old songs, with new remixes that i just heard
    just heard a cool remix of an old song k warren’s remix of samantha mumba’s baby come over.
    and liberty x’s just a little (bump and flex electro shock remix)
    so the songs aren’t new, not sure about the remixes but i just heard them so does it still count.

  2. aww.
    i was so excited that i thought it was a new evanescence release from the upcoming album.
    still gonna vote for them cos i love evanescence way too much.

  3. another week that I am not voting. terrible choices. I’ll come up with my own wild card suggestions on Saturday. Maybe I’ll get lucky to see one of my favourite tracks on it next week.

  4. I was excited when I saw Evanescence too…but I guess that still means no new album, *tear*…ah well, I have another indie suggestion, how about “We Are Scientists”?

  5. omg cant blv you actually read my comment, let alone include Evanescence in this!! And while I wasn’t expecting much support for them, they’re leading so whooooo though haha theyre not gonna stick around on the charts much lol
    P.S. new album releases this fall, the band is currently in the studio, recording
    and yes im obsessed =)

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