Vince Ferelli Has A Little Secret


Picture the beefy man above taking it hard in the ass from a muscular porn star. Or you could just skip the whole visualization thing and see some pictures here. Now let's try something new. Picture this hunky bodybuilder getting rigorously pounded by your favorite drag queen or trans performer. Guess what? He'd be totally into it. The Sword tipped us off to this quote by Vince Ferelli in the latest issue of Unzipped, in which the muscle man talks about what turns him on.

"A very passionate, aggressive kisser — that turns me on more than anything. That's one thing I like about being with guys more than women. Women are kind of timid and it gets kind of boring, but guys just go for it, and that's hot. … Since I've only recently discovered that I'm bisexual, it's a case-by-case thing. I usually go for guys who are built similar to me, muscular. I like someone who's down-to-earth, easygoing, laid-back and not hung up on being all macho. I've discovered that I'm into trannies too."

We would have never guessed! Is it weird that this little quirk makes him a hundred times hotter for us? I'd even consider throwing on some lipstick and eyeliner for a chance to tap that ass. Speaking of which, check out the uncensored version of the photo above here.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hot House Entertainment

299 thoughts on “Vince Ferelli Has A Little Secret

  1. Him being into trannies does NOT make him hotter. Personally, just makes him a little odd to me. Maybe he should get fucked by Chyna Doll with her strap on? Ew. No.

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