Unlockables: No Sunglasses Please!


Eyes are the window to the soul. According to smiling expert Tyra Banks, there are approximately 17,000,000 ways for you to use your eyes to seduce a man into riding your cock. It's scientifically proven! So why do guys keep sending pics with sunglasses when I want to see their face?

Feel free to wear your sunglasses at night or whenever the hell you want to, but you know you're not rocking your Dolce & Gabbana shades while taking it up the ass (or giving it hard to someone else). While we're fucking, I want to see your eyes and whole face. Before we fuck, I want to see your eyes and whole face. It's that simple.

What's that you say? "I'm discreet." Well, unless you plan on wearing a brown bag over your head while we're fucking, get over it and send me a face picture. I don't care if you're the Governor or the President of the PTO. If I turn out to be some crazy bastard who decides to send out a mass e-mail with your face pics and cock shot, you can just say I'm some malicious bastard who took a photo from your Facebook account and some random cock shot with the intention of damaging your reputation. Okay, so it may not be that simple.

If you're going to send a face picture, please send one without sunglasses. Otherwise, you might as well not bother sending one at all. Maybe it's just me? 

– Dewitt

12 thoughts on “Unlockables: No Sunglasses Please!

  1. I can’t stand it when guys say they’re “discreet.” What the fuck does that even mean? Isn’t everyone discreet? And furthermore, I’m not going to hook up with you if I don’t see a face picture first!

  2. Amen! I don’t care if you don’t put on in your profile. If you can trust me enough to show up at my place for a hookup without much more than my stats, my pic, and five minutes of chat, then I think you can trust me with a face pic.

  3. I agree with all that sweetie (Now here is where I show how fucking shallow I am.)but it would have been nice to see the entire pic that you posted and not just the teaser shot. That being said, What is it with only showing cock and ass pics? I mean, they are a thing of beauty, don’t get me wrong. But show me your face, your eyes! I can’t see into your soul through your hole! (Unless I’m fisting it of course!!)

  4. I wanna see the guy I am going to be hooking up with or going out with. If all I want to see is a dick I can just look down at mine. If you want to get with me you better be sending me a clear pic of the whole you. Clothes are optional in the pics. 🙂

  5. Where’s this photo from???
    I know I’ve seen it before somewhere….
    That dude is fucking hot. I’d fuck him if he was wearing a dozen shades on his head.

  6. That’s blond hair on someone head…Looks like he’s getting a blowjob….I definately agree that I need to see a good clear face pic preferably in your profile…One thing I would like to mention the guy in the pic definately has a very sexxxy pair of lips…I could kiss that mouth for days.

  7. Well RJ, I agree, I’m not trying to fall in love either, but I have run into my share of Psychos on my sashay around the block. I think I still want to look into someone’s eyes. I trust my gay intuition.

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