Unfinished Business

There’s always that hot guy at work that you just wish you had the balls to come-on too. You’re never quite sure how he’ll react and so you never find out just how good it could have been.

Hans is leaving the company and with his boxed up belongings in hand, he calls in on his buddy Tom who’s preparing a presentation in the Boardroom.

Hans has always, understandably, had the horn for suited stud Tom Wolfe and with the final goodbye man-hug, Hans takes the plunge and moves in for the deep throat kiss he’s wanted for so long.

Tom is taken aback but he’s the kind of sexual beast that is always up for a good fuck any time of the day. So after servicing Hans’ juicy cock he pushes him over the boardroom table and rims him deep while milking his dick and wrapping his own tie around Hans’ cock using it as a cock ring.

Then as he fucks Hans, Tom opens up his shirt to reveal those amazing fur-covered pecs and abs of his, changing him from slick office exec to the shirtless cowboy beneath, riding Hans long and hard before shooting his load all over Hans.

Tom really knows how to make the most of this Unfinished Business.


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