Undressed For Success

It's undeniable that men in suits are sexy as hell. After all, how would gay porn sites like Men at Play stay in business?

If you've ever fooled around with a well-dressed man (or even visited the above site), you may have noticed that it's even sexier when a guy is partially out of his suit. Whether everything's on but the pants or everything's off but the socks, there's an air of sophistication and pure masculine energy that just gets me going.
Thankfully, photographer Joe Lally was able to catch this magic in a shoot with model Chris Dattola. Sporting some Clark Kent-style glasses, Dattola fluctuates between various states of dress and undress that'll have your suit pants around your ankles in no time. Just make sure the boss doesn't catch you…
– Dewitt
Photo credit: Joe Lally/German GQ
For more pics of Chris Dattola, follow the JUMP:

GQ, Chris Dattola, Joe Lally
GQ, Chris Dattola, Joe Lally
GQ, Chris Dattola, Joe Lally
GQ, Chris Dattola, Joe Lally

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