Underwear Drawer: (Even More) Ruben Baars

When I looked at the pics of yesterday’s “Quickie”, my jaw dropped. There was also some stiffening of my penis. Ruben Baars is like BLAM! So I thought I’d provide you with even more pics of him. UNDERWEAR pics. You could probably drive a car at high speeds into Ruben Baars’ abs and you’d end up worse off. If you fap over abdominals, then Baars has the cum gutters for you. Here he is sporting PUMP! underwear but, despite this being “Underwear Drawer,” it’s kind of secondary to that body. He’s got kind of a cocky look to him (especially in that mirror shot but can you blame him? He’s Ruben Baars and his body is sickening.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Gay Body Blog andĀ MartijnĀ Smouter
More-Of-Hunky-Muscle-Jock-Ruben-Baars-7 More-Of-Hunky-Muscle-Jock-Ruben-Baars-5 More-Of-Hunky-Muscle-Jock-Ruben-Baars-4 More-Of-Hunky-Muscle-Jock-Ruben-Baars-3 More-Of-Hunky-Muscle-Jock-Ruben-Baars-2

8 thoughts on “Underwear Drawer: (Even More) Ruben Baars

  1. This dude is smoking HOT! I love the brown nipples!!! The jaw line, nose, eyes and lips! Dang the whole package is UNBELIEVABLY HOT!!! I agree with DAK23 “THANK YOU!!!!”

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