Underwear Drawer: Jake Genesis And Seth Knight

Here’s hot twink fuckhole turned dick slinger Seth Knight and sexy bastard momma’s boy Jake Genesis repping Marek + Richard’s new underwear line. It’s called The Game Boyz collection and you can wear it while playing video games as a form of formplay. There’s lots of color and the cut…and who gives a fuck? These two are hot! Hot guys can dress up like hipster rap caricatures and I’ll still want to fuck them. And I want that controller medallion. I’ll be all the rage down at the art gallery opening.

We salute Marek + Richard for using porn dudes as their spokesbods.

I hope they’re playing strip Halo or something and the loser has to eat the ass of the winner.

Photo credit: Mens’ Underwear Blog





106 thoughts on “Underwear Drawer: Jake Genesis And Seth Knight

  1. For advertising underwear, you can’t really see much of the…you know, actual underwear.

  2. If there weren’t so many stupid props on the set, this would have been an excellent display of two hot and sexy men.

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