Underwear Drawer: Jack Adams

Underwear brand Jack Adams knows what the key component is to selling mens’ underwear. Use Dylan Austin Scott and John Strand in all of your marketing!

Jack Adams just introduced two new styles to their line, the Flyer Jock and the Bodyflex Trainer Trunk. Both styles are extremely flattering, and sexy masculine. But  if held at gunpoint and forced to choose. I am going to have to go with the Flyer Jock. Not only is it nifty because it functions as a jockstrap without actual straps so you can avoid lines, but it gave us Dylan Austin Scott’s bare buttcheeks.

Check out pics of the Jack Adams Flyer Jock and Bodyflex Trainer Trunk below. To get yourself a pair, check out this website. And if you buy some, we order you to take a pic of yourself in em’ and send it to us. We’ll give you a month of Unlimited Access on Manhunt for free!

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Things4Fun

Jack Adams Flyer Jock

Jack-Adams-Flyer-Jock-Front (1) Jack-Adams-Flyer-JockBack JackAdamsFlyerJock1 (1)




 Jack Adams Bodyflex Trainer Trunk

50_zoom Jack-Adams-Bodyflex-Trainer-TrunkBlack


Jack-Adams-Bodyflex-Trainer-Trunk (1)



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