Underwear Drawer: 2(X)IST

Whenever “Underwear Drawer” needs to be written, I desperately search for something, anything, to avoid having to write about the dreaded thong. I have no personal problem with it. But I know when the day comes that we feature buttfloss, all hell is going to break loose in the comments section. Let’s thank 2(X)IST for the temporary thong reprieve.

Check out one of their latest campaigns by photographer Felix Dasilva. “I Go To Rio” features models Murilo, Rinus, and Renato hanging out in their tasteful yet sexy briefs on a balcony in steamy Brazil. Carnivale has never been a big draw for me (too many breasts!), but if dudes like this are hanging out in windows – I might reconsider.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Felix Dasilva via 2(X)IST

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1,589 thoughts on “Underwear Drawer: 2(X)IST

  1. The boys are definitely hot but I’m not digging the undies.

    For me, for tighty whites to be hot, they need to be higher cut up the thigh, with just a thinner piece of fabric over the hip bones–I guess more like a bikini brief.  These fuller-width briefs look too much like granny panties.

    But did I mention the boys are super hotties?  Loving the group shots on the balcony!

  2. Beautiful … as to butt floss and jock straps … if they’re worn by bottoms, who should always be clean and ready to go, then the floss effect is no longer relevant … think of it as a cleanliness dipstick 🙂

  3. Fair enough, I hear what you’re saying. But, how long do you think those would stay on if you were with them?

  4. I thought this was about underwear, I’ve tried looking for 2xist here in my shops but it seems to have vanished? I have around 200 different types, some for work, some for play and others just to wear. I love hipster stlye boxer, white is best but love vibrant colours. If I meet a guy and his underwear was not nice looking it really turns me off!! 

  5. lOVE the whole underwear thing but these missed the mark. The guys are hot but the whities are just not sexy. Next time perhaps get a copy of the Undergear catalog and run with it!!!!Good try tho!

  6. Ick…those undies are more akin to diapers. Big white underwear like that are for straight men who are afraid of something more stylish or perhaps with color. They can totally have them…but we’ll keep the hot men.

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