Tyler Rush’s 12 Days of Jockstraps

Mr. S Leather, Timoteo, Nastypig:

Tyler’s got everything covered here – except his ass. 

Ahhhhh, the holiday season. And this week, the Christmas season (I’m not about this life that starts the “Christmas season” immediately after Halloween – IDGAF what Michaels Crafts says). This week’s Christmas season miracle is the carved-by-the-hands-of-the-gods perfection of Tyler Rush‘s ass, framed by his favorite underwear – jockstraps. If you’re following Rush on twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen these already, but if not, I’m collecting them all together here, for posterity. I give you,

Tyler Rush’s #12DaysOfJockstraps



Check back each day (at least until the 25th) for his latest installment. In the meantime, follow Tyler on twitter. He’s awesome.

– tyler

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