Twitter Feed (Me): Who’s Posting Dirty Things On Twitter?

As you probably guessed, we had some technical bullshit happen on Friday afternoon which prevented any new posts from going up until this morning. I didn’t do it, but I will apologize on behalf of my company. The hiatus in posting meant that one of our more popular features, “Twitter Feed (Me)”, didn’t go up! Well, it is now! Dirty men continue to do dirty things on Twitter and I’ve collected a bunch for you to enjoy!

– Michael Xavier

p.s. By the way, you can follow me on Twitter, Manhunt Daily on Twitter, and Manhunt on Twitter. Unlike some people on Twitter, we post hot guys and cock pics.

Can you spot Trey Turner’s penis?

Jackson Grant beat off.

Adam Ramzi is celebrating his future co-star Jason Vario.

Here’s Paul Canon’s “fat, juicy cock”.

Is it bad that I want to scream “show us your tits!” at Derek Bolt?

Here’s Hugh Hunter eating Dolf Dietrich’s ass.

Deviant Otter
is wiped.

Sean Zevran
is taking questions!

Tex Davidson’s
got that post-nut fatigue.

Michah Brandt’s got that body.

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