Topher Dimaggio Is Busy This Week

Yes, the fuck receptacle that the very busy Topher Dimaggio is sticking his dick into IS Tegan Zayne. Cocky Boys should receive a daily blowjob from me for putting Topher and Tegan together. It starts off with a cocksucking in a hammock and gets hotter from there.

Relaxing in a hammock quickly takes a sensual turn when Tegan pulls out Topher’s cock and eases it into his willing mouth while Topher moans in ecstasy, but Tegan isn’t finished yet and he wants to show Topher just how much he can take. Tegan eagerly deepthroats all of Topher’s massive cock until Topher insists on returning the favor. He quickly pulls down Tegan’s shorts, revealing his rock hard cock, before taking it in his mouth. Before long, Topher suggests that they 69. All clothes are lost as they suck and lick each other, moaning and excitement.

All Clothes Are Lost is going to be name of my softcore porn blog.

After the losing of the clothes comes the deep, hard dicking you’d expect from a Cocky Boys scene.

Tegan exclaims that he wants Topher to fuck his ass which is met with enthusiasm and soon Tegan is bent over with Topher going tongue deep in his hole. Too much to resist, Topher eases into him and moans again with sheer excitement. Tegan grasps the arms of the chair as Topher fills him completely. Lying down, Topher invites Tegan to ride his cock and Tegan is more than happy to oblige, straddling and riding his cock.

Ride, Tegan, Ride!

Swapping positions, Tegan lies on his back while Topher pushes his legs up to fit the entirety of his cock into his hole. The way Topher fills him is too much for Tegan and it isn’t long before he’s moaning as he reaches completion, cumming all over his stomach. Topher pulls out and strokes himself until he cums all over Tegan’s hot, dripping stomach.

Fitting “the entirety of his cock” into a butthole is SO important in porn, and Cocky Boys never disappoints. This scene is ON FIRE, and Tegan should bottom for every guy in the Cocky Boys stud stable.

Get more of Topher and Tegan below, and watch the entire scene here.

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