Top Ten: Gay LOL-Cats

Gay LOLcat, marriage equality

It's not every day that we write about pussy, eh? We were hoping for a good laugh, so we sifted through the internet for some gay LOL-cats. Quickly realizing that the majority of them were lame, we decided to create some of our own. Try guessing which ones were our dirty work. Here's a hint: we actually didn't create number nine.

– Dewitt

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gay LOLcat, fabulous

10: "Gay kitteh says… Fabulous!": The expression here is just priceless! We love the way this cat crazily gazes at an offering of rainbow feathers. This would be ranked higher if there were more spelling mistakes in the caption. C'mon, "says"? Clearly an amateur created this one.

gay LOLcat, commenter

9. "Im anonimus commentin yer blog, missin yer poynt": Okay, so there's nothing actually gay about this LOL-cat. Sort of.

gay LOLcat, hairless gym bunny, fat bear

8. "i not hareless jim bunnee, u problee phat bare": Hmm, where have we heard phrases like this before? On a random note, hairless cats really freak me out. Hairless gym bunnies? Not so much.

gay LOLcat, marriage equality

7. "Gay kittehs can has marredge equaliteh?": When kitties get political, things get terribly cute. This one is actually a little heartbreaking, the cat on the right looks like it's crying on its partner's shoulder. 

gay LOLcat, not racist, white cats only

6. "wite catz onlee pleez… no iz rasist, jus prefrenz": Does anyone else get annoyed when they see stuff like that in people's profiles? Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather someone ignore me than say they're not interested in me because of my skin color.


5. "wut partz uv no fatz no femz… u no understandz???": We imagine the people who say things like this look as busted as the cat in this picture. I'm not sayin'. I'm just sayin'.


4. "I'M IN UR LAWFIRMZ, DISKRIMINATIN AGAINST GAYZ": This one is more of an anti-gay LOL-cat, though I get the feeling that the creator was on our side. If the opposition were actually felines, I think we'd have a really good chance of winning. I don't think the judges would be convinced by arguments of "meow meow meow".


3. "standerd regret mezage, y???": We'll admit that the caption for this one is pretty "meh", but it's taken to a whole other level when juxtaposed with this sad little kitten. Rejection isn't easy.


2. "BUT I IS HETRO!": Keep telling yourself that.


1. "Dumbledore is gay?!": Yes, this one is lacking proper LOL-speak, but there's a reason that it's a classic.

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