Top Or Bottom: Paul Iacono

Actor Paul Iacono came out this week. He’s not a gigantic celebrity, but he did play a character with an enormous cock. So he’s got that going for him. Someone recently bitched me out for always featuring straight dudes in “Top Or Bottom” so here’s me making amends. This one actually likes the D! But is he stuffing his D in asses or is he getting a reach-around while he takes it in the seat? Manhunt Daily: We Define Classy.

– J. Harvey

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13 thoughts on “Top Or Bottom: Paul Iacono

  1. ‘Manhunt Daily: We Define Classy.’

    Can this please please PLEASE be a tagline or something on the website???

  2. hmmm looks like I need to spend a week in bed wit him to know for sure he is such a cutie

  3. Firstly, let’s face it men rarely if ever grow up.  Secondly, who hasn’t been surprised to find out it is true “never judge a book by it’s cover.”  Thirdly, we often base our judgements from our own lack of self worth.  And finally, should this not apply to you … I say this because I am guilty of this myself, please take no offense (as some may).

    Nerdy bookish boys/men are almost always the best in bed!  Never underestimate which end of a penis you may find yourself!  Be proud of who you are and own it!

    And he is cute.

  4. Just basing an opinion off of his looks and body type I voted bottom.
    But if I had a choice about it would prefer him to be Versatile just a lot more fun in the long run.

  5.  First of all- “Firstly” and “Secondly” aren’t even words- it’s “first” or “second”. same goes for “Thirdly”. and we don’t base judgments “off of” anything, but “on” something. If you’re going to post something online, at least make it sound like you know the language. And “Never underestimate (on which) end of a penis you may find yourself.” got all that? no? I am not surprised. Manhunt may define classy, but many of its members are NOT in that ballpark at all.

  6. Randy: All three are adverbs.  The use is correct.  Thank you for the second grammatical correction.

    One could have noted the care taken not to make a “global” commentary per se.  

    I am however, sorry to have offended you or that you found this to have been pointed in your direction. Randy I am obviously nowhere near as klassy as you. The public scolding and inclusive “members” goes to the very essence of my point “lack of self worth or self loathing”. Unfortunately endemic of a large part the community because of the nature of our background. I was attempting to be positive.


  7. I was reading comments while wait for the pictures to load.
    I was about to call you a douche until I saw the black and white picture and agree.
    Who cares?

  8. Yay for once I voted with everyone. Vers Bottom. IDC what anyone says he is goodlooking. Love nerds. Love curly hair! Love Him. But anyone that followed his twitter knew he was gay since last year.

  9. I like him any which way, but he foils my gaydar. I’d suspect gay friendly str8 boy.

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