Top Or Bottom: Luke Evans

Are any of you guys out there pop culture nerds/geeks like me? I love super-heroes, and action movies, and most sci-fi. So I stay on top of what’s coming to a theater/television/comic book near you. The latest controversy in FanBoyLand is that director Peter Jackson has shot his Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit at 48 frames per second. Your usual movie is shot at 24. Errybody is up in arms about how it’s making Middle-Earth look. Check it.

I have no idea what that even means. That first paragraph was just an excuse to feature one of The Hobbit’s cast members – Luke Evans. The formerly openly gay actor plays Bard the Bowman in the flick. I’m really trying to use gay guys who actually HAVE anal sex with other men in “Top Or Bottom”. “Formerly” is way better than “straight”, right? At least you know he’s HAD the sex.

– J. Harvey

To vote on whether Luke Evans is bending or thrusting, Follow the JUMP:

9 thoughts on “Top Or Bottom: Luke Evans

  1. Based on one of the interviews in the Queerty blog link Brian posted above (the one where he says that “An enormous big fat cock!” makes the best porn stars) – I’m voting Total Bottom.

  2. It is always fun to imagine these men having mild to wild gay sex. And, a poll is fun too. But, what would be better is knowing for sure what position they prefer.

  3. i gave him the benefit of “versatile” attached to “bottom.”  what i would WISH would be versa/top. because omg the things that man does to me…. sigh…. just saw the raven last nite…. he has a surprising amount of pit hair   heh heh heh

  4. You never know, I’d perfer if he were vers/top but Can never just tell, hanging around him would be the best way to guess… body language facial expressions, etc…

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