Top or Bottom: DJ

At sixty-three years old, DJ knew he was older than previous contestants in our Top or Bottom series, but that didn’t stop him from submitting his pictures. He went on to tell us that he exercises on a daily basis, works in software research and utilizes his talents as a professional musician. Based on these facts and the image above, can you guess what he likes in the bedroom?

You were only three votes away from correctly identifying last week’s contestant, so you might have a decent chance at winning this one. Although the majority of voters pegged Fernando as a versatile top, he’s actually a versatile bottom. You were so close to predicting that!

If you’re an exhibitionist type who’s interested in participating in the next round of Top or Bottom, send me an e-mail with a few pictures, your name or alias, the role you play in the bedroom and a brief note giving us permission to use your pics. We’d prefer that you show your face, but it’s not required to participate in the series. Nudity is both welcome and encouraged, and anonymity is perfectly acceptable. So what are you waiting for? Send us your pics, and show us what you’re working with!

– Dewitt

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44 thoughts on “Top or Bottom: DJ

  1. I’m going to say total top, just because that’s the vibe I’m getting. I’m also going to take cover, because you’ve really opened the flood gates with this one.

  2. I think the guy has balls of steel and good for him! Be proud of and love what you got…a lesson I am learning. tommyboy…you should have been swallowed.

  3. he’s gross. he’s one of those perverted old men who think they do us younger guys a favor by talking to us.

  4. Right at this very moment I have a young man who is 28 years younger than me begging me to come over to his place. What does that make him? A gold digging whore? No wonder I am reluctant to meet this boy since children like tommyboy make us older men suspicious of their motives. Works both ways tommyboy baby. You are pathetic. But you know that don’t you?

  5. Tommyboy, not just teens are bullied. You are bullying a man my age because he’s too old for you? You’re probably too young for him because he must be looking for a real man. I’m 62 years old, have no intention of giving up sex anytime soon, have had no complaints where sex is concerned and I’m certainly not interested in a little fucker like you. I prefer real men, not little boys! If you do live to a ripe old age, remember what you wrote today. It may bite you in the ass!

  6. tommyboy…..well any man who calls himself a boy is possibly suffering ageist issues. along with a bag full of other issues.
    men who are comfortable with themselves will always be hot, no matter their age. I enjoy the company of older men in and out of bed, 1 rason being that i can always learn something from them – even at my age!!! get a grip on yr teething ring

  7. Tommyboy, Why don’t you put your photo on here. It is very easy to hide behind a computer and comment on others. DJ, I hope I have the confidence you do at your age. More power to you big guy.

  8. I went with total top. As someone of somewhat advanced in age who checks out over 40 manhunters, I found that the more an older man keeps himself in shape, the more likely he is to be a top (this isn’t a hard and fast rule of course.)

    The DJ’s leather (vinyl?) pants sealed the deal.

  9. Hey Tommyboy…FUCK YOU!

    I’m 44 years old now…at the age of 23 I started dating a man who was 61…and let me tell you, he was hot, kind, generous, sweet and taught me many many things that have since been of great value in my life. And though he died some years ago, I think of him often and thank every day for all the things that he taught me and all the things that he did for me…and, OH YEA!…he was FUCKING HOT……So, unless you plan on dying at 30 I hope people are kinder to you when you reach your 60’s…..

  10. this is weird, one person says something about this guys age and people jump on him. But had this been an overweight guy nobody would get upset if someone said “gross.”

  11. I guess I’m the next person you’re going to try and vilify but I think Tommy has the right, just like you do, to express his opinion and preference!
    Like Tommy I don’t care whether the gentleman is a top or a bottom! I certainly do NOT want to find out!

    It’s wonderful that so many of you love the geriatrics amongst us, this however does NOT mean that the rest of us must feel the same.
    @ Frederick: I’m glad you found love at the age of 23 with a 61-year-old man, but believe me when I say that you are NOT the norm.

    Let’s just agree to disagree; many of you seem to love the act or idea of sex with old men. Wonderful and great for you! But some of us [myself included] find the idea rather off putting and nauseating! That, however, does not in any way mean that old men should therefore not have a normal sex life, I just don’t want to know about it nor will I ever consider participating.

  12. Fuck me Daddy – gonna go with top on this one. Your a great looking guy DJ. Have a HOT older man in my bed everynight.

  13. rowin, it is fine not being attracted to older men. I am not attracted to very young men. But the point was tommyboy calling this older gentlemen gross and perverted. That is name calling and not necessary. That is why most everyone stood up and told tommyboy to go to hell. His age was NOT the point of this thread. It was the game of guessing whether he is a top or bottom. PERIOD! Now like so many have told tommyboy I will tell you….FUCK YOU!

  14. Donny, don’t come on here for just a couple of days and then tell someone those last two words. You’ve been nothing but argumentative since you came on here. What is your purpose? Just because someone said something you don’t agree with doesn’t give you the right to cuss someone out. Makes you lower than they. You have come across as bitter since day one. What is your problem?
    I don’t agree with what tommyboy said either. But rowin said nothing wrong.
    You said the point of the thread was top or bottom: why did you post otherwise then? You should have kept on topic yourself! I can take someone taking another person to task, but when you have to use the last two words that you used, you negate all words spoken before those two, in my book. Shows nothing but hate. And I thought all Homosexuals were supposed to be above that……..

  15. Au contraire rowin, I do not begrudge you or tommyboy your taste in men. I do however take umbrage with and pity upon anyone who thinks that a man after a certain age is, as tommyboy so eloquently put it “gross” because he dares show his face in public. I also think you and tmmyboy face a very lonely and sexless future if you think that life and sex ends with the fading of youth.

  16. tommyboy what are you doing now? plucking your eyebrows or doing your nails? do us young guys a favor by talking to us? Thanks I can always use a good laugh 🙂

  17. @ ToddM,

    Thank you for your response to Donny, I truly appreciate it. I always try NOT to intentionally offend anybody, what would be the purpose of that? I certainly NEVER feel the need to express myself with “gutter language” [as my mother would put it] sadly there are people like Donny who obviously feel so powerless and incapable of defending their position and/ or expressing themselves eloquently that they believe the only way to ensure they are heard is by using vulgarities. I might be wrong [do feel free to correct me] but I’m convinced that if you NEED such language to express your point of view then it’s probably NOT worth listening to!

    @ Frederick,

    I think we misunderstand each other 🙂 I don’t believe that a person becomes gross or perverted after a certain age that would be silly and nonsensical. Besides what would the cut-off age be? And who gets to decide that? All I said was that I AM NOT SEXUALLY attracted to old men. Neither do I think that old people [general] are NOT entitled to a fulfilling sex life [I actually said that in my earlier posting]

    As to facing a lonely and sexless future if I continue to feel the way I do, I’m not sure that is actually going to be an issue. But when judging me, do try to keep in mind that it is part of youth to believe that I will remain “forever young” and that for all intend and purpose I am “invincible” 🙂 [at least that’s what my parents keep telling me]

  18. “gutter language”? seriously?

    I do declare, I’m getting the vapors! Fetch me my smelling salts!

    Donny was right in this case — this thread was NOT about our preferences, but about DJ’s. There’s a “Hot or Not” thread that is all about OUR preferences.

    I’m really tired of people using this site to put down people they feel are unattractive. I’m not into all sorts of men, but when I see a thread that is about men I’m not into, I ignore it — I don’t feel the need to tell someone to “eat a sandwich” or say that they are “gross and perverse”.

    Tommy deserved the “Fuck you” he got, and complaining about the language on a site where anal intercourse is not merely constantly discussed, but constantly depicted, is ridiculous.

  19. Thanks wrestlesex and Frederick for understanding my point of view.

    Apparently most people did understand. Typical of ToddM to not “get it”.

  20. @wrestlesex, thank you!

    @Donny, tommyboy, and the rest of you…I think it’s funny that you are all trying to act superior when you either:

    a) just got done jacking off

    b) are about to jack off

    c) meet someone on here for anonymous sex (provided, of course, that they are tall, muscular, between the ages of 19 and 29, blond, blue eyed, able to fuck 15 times in a day, educated, wealthy, masculine, charming, witty, has starred in several made for t.v. movies, tan, with huge arms, can cure cancer (just for the hell of it) with a 19 in dick.)

  21. Not that it matters geauxsaints, but you need to go back and read my comments. I was not happy with tommyboy’s superiority complex. But like I said it doesn’t matter.

  22. 63 ? He looks more like 73+ !

    Now, I’m depressed cause, I’m 50 and I look way better than that but, if that’s what I have to look forward to when I’m 63? then shoot me now!


  23. I agree with some of the others who said DJ has the “look” of a top, but I suspect he also has the wisdom of the virtues of “versatility”, so I would go with vers-top.

    Rowin’s conclusion about “old men” and their sex lives made me chuckle: “… I just don’t want to know about it nor will I ever consider participating.” You WILL participate at some point, Rowin, whether alone or with others! [unless, of course, you don’t make it to your 60’s]

  24. P.S. Rowin: about the delusion that youth is “forever” and “invincible”, your parents were also wrong about Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy. It’s the smart person who learns this lesson EARLY.

  25. Aww.. Donny thinks I don’t get it. LOL That made me laugh! Thanks! I needed that!

    Donny, you are the one who doesn’t get it. You just jumped to a conclusion. And, arion_5, you are misreading what rowin is stating. He is saying that at what age he is NOW, he doesn’t want to have sex with older men. I’m sure when he IS older, he will then. Sheesh, give the guy a break!

  26. Speaking of vituperative comments that contain little value (if any) on blog posts…

    Glad these comments are here. They affirm the old adage that age is definitely not indicative of maturity.

    Grow up please.

  27. neither does perfunctory pontification by a 23yr old with a penchant for magniloquence…

    right back atcha, Rob! 😛

  28. i’m sure dewitt knew that “this” was coming.

    of course he did.

    but, y’know?

    he shouldn’t have to live in fear.

    in considering that the vast majority of the features in manhunt daily focus on “traditional” eye candy, all contributors to this blog can feel free to deviate from the norm, sometimes.

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